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  • 64-bit version on GIT works perfectly for me and thanks to the developer.

  • Has anyone used this with COBOL (yes, I know that COBOL is dead and I've been hearing that for 35 years)? The function list portion is basically useless for COBOL because it puts all kind of items in the paragraph names section besides paragraph names.

  • Excellent

  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • Looks great. I'm just not all that familiar with any of the C languages, so it'd be easier for me if there was a VB.NET version, but I'm sure I can muddle through... :)

  • Great stuff.

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  • Good and useful software

  • A great plugin! But I met some problem: Can Not switch between different files while using "go to definition" (this function works in the same file) my env. is winxp ( N++ session mode ), however it works at win7 env. Specifically, it jumps to the right line number but still in the same file, which I need it to switch to the right file and the right line number. Do I miss some settings? B.R

  • My sourcecookifier shows no variables in a perl-sourcecode :(

  • Would be MUCH better if SourceCookifier allowed us to specify which flags to use with ctags.exe

  • The best program! Thanks

  • Great plugin! Would be nice if it also worked with XSD (XML Schema) files, e.g. going into a type definition.

  • Useful to have the 'go to definition' Ctrl-Shift-Enter', now it just needs a way to change the keybinding. Most editors have their own keybinding for this, but I happen to like Ctrl+Click alongside a purely-keyboard shortcut.

  • Was struggling with "Function List"... SourceCookifier saved the day!

  • A delight to use, makes web coding a breeze

  • Excellent plugin - quicker, more stable, and at least as accurate in parsing as FunctionList v2.x plugin. I work daily with quite a few very large (20k+ lines) Javascript and PHP files, and I was very close to switching to another editor because FunctionList (even latest v2.1) was just too slow and seemed to be the source of occasional crashes. Note that this will only reparse files when they are saved (it appears to use a command-line Ctags parser against the file on disk), so performance is much better with large files than FunctionList (which reparses constantly while typing), but your treeview isn't as frequently up to date... -- Suggestion to the develeoper: Not to knock FunctionList (it's very good also), but maybe mention somewhere more obvious on this page that this is a viable alternative to the Function List plugin for anyone else out there having trouble? -- Thanks much!

  • better than last version of "function list", although there's still some key features to implement