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Sonicle WebTop is a Web2.0 application framework to be installed under Tomcat, using Postgres as its main database. Groupware services require an IMAP server and an SMTP server. A typical WebTop Services installation with Groupware is done in these steps: - Download the latest ZIP file containing all the binary distribution - Unzip it inside a temporary folder - Create a new database for webtop on your Postgres - Run webtop-clean.sql into the webtop database - Prepare Tomcat with Jaas and common libraries - Prepare Tomcat startup with specific options - Copy the webtop-webapp files into a webapp in Tomcat - Modify its META-INF/context.xml to point to the correct database - Run Tomcat - Access WebTop as admin to configure initial settings - Configure users - Access WebTop as one of the configured users The distribuzion zip file contains a detailed INSTALL.txt file that will guide you step by step up and running.
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