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Sonata Last.fm Album Cover Art Fetcher To install, simply apply the patch file on the current sonata git directory: cp sonata-git-lastfm.patch /path/to/sonata/git/root cd /path/to/sonata/git/root patch -p1 -i sonata-git-lastfm.patch This will install the last.fm fetcher as a builtin plugin, and as the default for album fetching. It will completely prevent the now-defunct rhapsody plugin from being loaded. Alternatively, the cover art fetcher comes in a plugin form. If you copy this file (from the plugin folder) into one of the sonata plugin directories (such as ~/.sonata/plugins), then the plugin will be available in Sonata. Simply go to preferences and enable the plugin, and disable the rhapsody one while you're at it! Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to: Alex Franchuk <alex.franchuk@gmail.com>
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