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softsmithy-lib-all-0.5-dist.tar.gz 2015-02-26 2.8 MB 0
softsmithy-lib-all-0.5-dist.tar.gz.asc 2015-02-26 181 Bytes 0
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Contains: softsmithy-lib-awt-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - AWT softsmithy-lib-awt-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - AWT source code softsmithy-lib-beans-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Beans softsmithy-lib-beans-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Beans source code softsmithy-lib-core-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Core softsmithy-lib-core-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Core source code softsmithy-lib-persistence-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Persistence softsmithy-lib-persistence-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Persistence source code softsmithy-lib-swing-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Swing softsmithy-lib-swing-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Swing source code softsmithy-lib-swing-customizer-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Swing Customizer softsmithy-lib-swing-customizer-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Swing Customizer source code softsmithy-lib-time-0.5.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Date and Time softsmithy-lib-time-0.5-sources.jar - The SoftSmithy Utility Library - Date and Time source code docs-directory - Contains the Javadoc, a tutorial and samples Note: This is a pre-alpha version and the API is still subject to change! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me: Note: The libraries have the following dependency: SLF4J 1.7.6 softsmithy-lib-persistence-0.5.jar has the following dependencies: - JPA (just the org.softsmithy.lib.persistence package; tested with EclipseLink 2.0) Have a look at CHANGES.txt for notes about changes. The contents of the files, which originate from, are subject to the COMMON DEVELOPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION LICENSE (CDDL) Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may not use these files except in compliance with the License. (This License has been apporved by OSI.) You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt shipped with this distribution or at . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following files from the "Code Syntax Highlighter" used in the tutorial: docs/tutorial/Scripts/shBrushJava.js docs/tutorial/Scripts/shCore.js docs/tutorial/Styles/SyntaxHighlighter.css origniate from: Copyright (C) 2004 Alex Gorbatchev. and are covered by the following license: "This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA" You can find a copy of this license in docs/LGPL.txt shipped with this distribution. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The newest version can be obtained via Mercurial: hg clone softsmithy-lib Used: Oracle JDK 1.8.0_31 Maven 3.0.4 NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes: v0.5 (Changeset: 0cb0ccaa7bbe): - added - org.softsmithy.lib.beans.PropertyChangeUtils added - org.softsmithy.lib.lang.reflect.Classes.getTypes(Object) added - Moved code: org.softsmithy.lib.util.Positionables -> org.softsmithy.lib.util.Lists - Added dependency: SLF4J - Small fixes and clean-ups v0.4 (Changeset: 76d100d0c560): - Project migration: migrated to the new Allura based platform The SCM and some other links changed. - softsmithy-lib-time project added with utility classes for the new Date & Time API (Java SE 8) Code moved from Drombler Commons - org.softsmithy.lib.util.ResourceLoader added - Small fixes and clean-ups v0.3 (Changeset: ecfc90e95ad5): - Project migration: Bundle split: softsmithy-lib-awt project added - Project migration: Bundle split: softsmithy-lib-beans project added - Project migration: Bundle split: softsmithy-lib-swing project added - Project migration: Bundle split: softsmithy-lib-swing-customizer project added - Several Swing Customizer classes were moved to different packages. All Swing Customizer classes are now in the package or subpackages of org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.* - Positionable Framework added - Small fixes and clean-ups - Tutorial fixes - NetBeans IDE upgrade: 7.2 v0.2 (Changeset: d198b7dfd05b): - Project migration: Java SE 6 -> Java SE 7 - Project migration: OSGi metadata added - Project migration: Maven 2.2.1 -> Maven 3.0.4 - Project migration: artifactId prefix added: "softsmithy-" - Project migration: softsmithy-lib-persistence project added - Project migration: org.softsmithy.lib.persistence: moved from softsmithy-lib-core -> softsmithy-lib-persistence - Project migration: SoftSmithy Parent 1.2 -> SoftSmithy Parent 2.1 - org.softsmithy.lib.nio.file.CopyFileVisitor added - org.softsmithy.lib.nio.file.PathUtils added - org.softsmithy.lib.nio.file.JarFiles added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Comparables.isInRange(T, T, T) added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Comparables.isInRange(T, T, T, Comparator<? super T>) added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.ServiceProvider added + annotation processor registered - org.softsmithy.lib.text.Parser framework added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.AbstractParser added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.AbstractNumberParser added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.IntegerParser added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.ShortParser added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.ResourceBundleLocalizer added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.Formatter framework added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.AbstractFormatter added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.FormatException added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.FormatFormatter added - renamed package to automatically exclude it from OSGi export: org.softsmithy.lib.test -> org.softsmithy.lib.internal - removed warnings - Javadocs added - unit tests added - samples: CopyFilesSample added - samples: AddZipResourceSample added - samples: ExtractJarResourceSample added - tutorial: new trail added: NIO File - small fixes - JUnit upgrade: version 4.10 - NetBeans IDE upgrade: 7.1.1 v0.1 (Changeset: 677685802ce2): - Project migration: Ant -> Maven - Project migration: Subversion -> Mercurial - License upgraded: SPL -> CDDL - Project versioning aligned with Maven versioning, starting with v0.1 - Project layout restructured - org.softsmithy.lib.text.Localizables.LocalizableCollationKey -> org.softsmithy.lib.text.GenericCollationKey - org.softsmithy.lib.text.LocalizedCollator added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.EqulatiyVerifier framework replaced with -> org.softsmithy.lib.util.Matcher framework - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.TableRowHeaderController framework added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.AbstractRowHeaderTableModel added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.DefaultTableRowHeaderController added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.JRowHeaderTable added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.JRowNumberHeaderTable added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.RowHeaderTableModel added -, Writer) added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Lists.getFirst(List) added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Lists.getLast(List) added - generified classes - removed warnings - Javadocs added - TableRowHeaderController samples added - small fixes - changed to NetBeans 6.9.1 v20100524: - new utility methods (Rev.: 470) - bug fix - org.softsmithy.lib.persistence.AbstractEntity class added - org.softsmithy.lib.persistence.ExtendedBaseDAO class added - org.softsmithy.lib.persistence.GenericDAO class added - org.softsmithy.lib.persistence.ResourceLocalTransactionController class added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.LocaleCellRenderer: supports LocaleLocalizer - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.CellRenderer: icon support added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.XDefaultListCellRenderer: icon support added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JFileRootComboBox class added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JFileRootList class added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.filechooser.FileRootComboBoxModel class added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.filechooser.FileRootCellRenderer class added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.LocaleLocalizer class added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.Localizable class added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.Localizables class added - org.softsmithy.lib.text.Localizer class added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Locales: new utility method - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Locales: many methods moved to org.softsmithy.lib.text.Localizables - org.softsmithy.lib.util.CountryCode class added - new dependency added: JPA (just the org.softsmithy.lib.persistence package; tested with EclipseLink 2.0) - generified classes - removed warnings - Javadocs added - Project setting changed - LocaleSelectionSample - FileRootSelectionSample - changed to JDK 1.6 -> please report regressions if you find any! - changed to NetBeans 6.8 v20070520: - JButtonCustomizer completed (Rev.: 337) - a text customizers sample added - text customizers tutorial section completed - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Strings: cut added - getPathNames added - createEntryName added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.Lists class added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.EqualityVerifier interface added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.ComparatorEqualityVerifier class added - org.softsmithy.lib.util.ObjectEqualityVerifier class added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.AbstractTextCustomizer: String constructor removed - small sample updates - small documentation updates - Javadocs added v20070304: - delete recursivly added (Rev.: 307) - copy streams added - class added (extract zip files) - Javadoc updates - Sample and tutorial trail about the number fields added - Syntax highlighting in the tutorial added (syntax Highlighter shipped with the tutorial is covered by the LGPL) - small tutorial updates v20061029: - ShapeIcon respects aspect ratio - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JListBox added - org.softsmithy.lib.swing.icon.XIcons added - some media information added - All jlfgr icons referenced in - org.softsmithy.lib.math.Doubles added - org.softsmithy.lib.math.Floats added - Bug 1581780 fixed - commented out system outputs - Javadocs added - First trails of a tutorial & samples added - a copy of the Sun Public License added (SPL.txt) - README.txt changed - New Ant targets added to the build.xml (e.g. "dist") - NetBeans Ant Projectfiles v5.0 - Dist structure changed a bit - properties-files moved: i18n -> src (only one jar) - added - some minor changes v20040727: -Extended Icon Framework added which supports zooming strategies for icons. Image and shape icons supported. org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXIconLabel and the org.softsmithy.lib.swing.icon package ShapeIcon, XIcon and XImageIcon moved from org.softsmithy.lib.swing to org.softsmithy.lib.swing.icon -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JIconCustomizer, org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JImageCustomizer and org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JShapeCustomizer replaced by org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXIconCustomizer and the Extended Icon Framework -improved support for the Java look and feel Graphics Repository: org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.GeneralActionFactory org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.DevelopmentActionFactory org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.NavigationActionFactory org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.MediaActionFactory org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.StandardActionFactory org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.TextActionFactory org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.TableActionFactory Note: the ResourceBundles are updated but not yet complete! -AbstractXAction, ActionWrapper, CustomizerActionFactory, CustomizerActionManager, CustomizerItemListenerProvider, IconType, ReflectiveXAction, XAction, XActionDelegator, XActionWrapper and XActions moved from org.softsmithy.lib.swing to org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action -removed methods from org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.XActions which are now covered by the Java look and feel Graphics Repository support factories. -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.XActions now supports mnemonic keys -"x", "y", "width" and "height" added to the customizable properties of org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizer by default to allow SelectionManager to listen for them -org.softsmithy.lib.awt.image.ScalingAlgorithm added added -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JTextCustomizer moved to org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.AbstractTextCustomizer -"showingConstraints" property renamed to "showingLayoutHelp" in org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizerPane -updated some Javadocs -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.CustomizerAction, org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.DefaultCustomizerAction, org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.DefaultXAction and org.softsmithy.lib.swing.action.ReflectiveCustomizerAction added -some minor changes v20031023: -number fields based on JFormattedTextField for int, long, short, byte, double, float, BigInteger and BigDecimal added -TableCellEditors and CellRenderers based on these number fields added -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXTable configured to use these new number editors and renderers by default -in org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizerPropertyTable the default editors for the properties x and y have been set to an integer editor with bounds (0, 10000), for width and height to an integer editor with bounds (1, 10000) and for thickness to a localized float editor with bounds (1, 10000) -utility class org.softsmithy.lib.util.Comparables added -utility classes BigIntegers and BigDecimals in package org.softsmithy.lib.math added -the way how changes to "x", "y", "width", "height", "background", "foreground" and "font" in org.softmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizer are handled and propagated has been fixed -some minor changes v20030909: -org.softsmithy.lib.awt.layout.InfiniteTableLayout bug fixes -style specific classes moved from org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer -> -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXScrollPane with org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXViewport added with support for view glassing -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXLabel added with support for shapes -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.ColorCellEditor has now an alpha value attribute -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.HorizontalAlignment bug fixes -several minor changes v20030630: -org.softsmithy.lib.awt.layout.InfiniteTableLayout bug fix with preferredSize -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XDefaultPersistenceDelegate work around for a bug in java.beans.DefaultPersistenceDelegate when used eg. with unsigned applets -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XMLEncoderX uses org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XDefaultPersistenceDelegate for Color and Font -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JMultiSplitPane now supports org.softsmithy.lib.swing.event.DividerLocationListener -some minor changes v20030616: -i18n updates -some bugs in org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JHtmlCustomizer removed -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXTextField, org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.PanelTableCellRenderer and org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.TextFieldTableCellRenderer added -some minor changes v20030523: -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JHtmlCustomizer bug fixes for foreground and font -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.HorizontalAlignment supports conversions to javax.swing.text.StyleConstants -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.XActions now sets a transparent icon if icon is null -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXPanel added which has a backgroundPaint property v20030514: -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.BeanIntrospector now supports PropertyChangeListeners -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizer + org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.StateManager + org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.State support now the border color property -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizerPane supports now properties for its border colors, the default border colors of its customizers and the color of the layout help. Additionally it now takes control over the activation border itself instead of the org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.ActivationManager -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.StyleProvider now works on the interface -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.StateAdapter -> org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.AbstractState -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JMultiSplitPane + org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JStyledPanel + org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXSplitPane support the style property -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JPropertyTable now supports editors and renderers per property -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.PropertyTableModel supports PropertyChangeListeners -org.softsmithy.lib.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetRuntimeException added -some minor changes v20030410: -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XMLEncoderX now supports CustomStyleProvider -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.CustomizerActionFactory now has a first simple implementation for alignRight and alignBottom -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXTree added v20030319: -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JPropertyTable added -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizerPropertyTable added -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JCustomizerPropertyPane removed -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.CustomizerPropertyTable removed -org.softsmithy.lib.util.ResourceBundleCache removed -redraw problem after resizing a JCustomizer solved -java.util.Locale support classes: -org.softsmithy.lib.util.Locales (added) -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XMLEncoderX -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.JXTable -several convenience constructors for JCustomizer and its subclasses -version naming convention changed: ddmmyyyy -> yyyymmdd (better for sorting) v04032003: -Fixed some bugs with setting styles -Added a property table model for arbitrary beans (org.softsmithy.lib.swing.table.PropertyTableModel) -org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.SelectionManager listens now for PropertyChangeEvents on the active customizer and updates the others v17022003: -Styles (+ support) added (org.softsmithy.lib.swing.customizer.Style) -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XMLEncoder -> org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XMLEncoderX to avoid name clashes with java.beans -org.softsmithy.lib.beans.XMLEncoderX supports the new marker interface org.softsmithy.lib.util.Singleton -> (typo)
Source: README.txt, updated 2015-02-26

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