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Please Note: That releases from now on will not include pre-build database. SoftProjector will create database if one does not exist. Also softProjector 2 will not work with older databases that came with 1.07 and earlier. SoftProjector 2.0 - Beta New: Added "Tune" column to song view Improved: Updated UI translations Changed shortcut for "Remove from schedule" from "F3" to "Ctrl+Del" Removed "@$" and "@%" charechters from song text Removed auto play from media Modified "Close Display Screen" to Turn display screen On/Off Bug Fixes: Improper deleting when "Delete" action pressed when schedule item was viewed. Code improvement for Unix/Linux phonon libraries Initial screen geometry on Linux Sending bible to schedule with no bible loaded Printing Marings with UI tranlations SoftProjector 2.0 - Alpha New: Service Schedule, includes Bible verses, songs, sideshows, media and announcements. (replacement for project) Removed: song playlist (now part of schedule) Improved: Song ending alignment in settings New: Settings for Bible: font, color, alignment for caption New: Settings for Songs: font, color, alignment for song info(key, verse, song number). New: Settings for Songs: fort, color, type for song ending. Improved: Render logic Rework: themes from xml to sqlite format Update: songbook export format Improved: background images are saved in settings instead of its origin location New: Picture slide show settings Bug Fix: Picture preview window Improved/Bug fix: For installed on windows, database file will be saved in shared folder for all user New: Download and import from online Bibles, Songs, Themes. (Need to solve server/hosting issue) Bug Fix: last Song/Picture/Announcement delete in the list Improved: open all supported image formats for backgrounds Bug Fix: media player crash New: Display screen control buttons now include close screen/show no text(on active background) NOTE: Not all additions/improvements/bug fixes may be included in the list above SoftProjector 2.0 - Development Build 5 (2db5) Improved: Faster Bible text search with more search options Improved: Faster Bible chapter lookup Improved: Added ability to save Announcement in database Improved: Multi Slide announcements Bug Fix: Language translation and Help Dialog loading New: Picture Slide Show New: Video/Music Player ** Bug Fix: Bible search double click issue (bug ticket #6) ** Multimedia playback will depend on the back-end codecs installed on the computer. SoftProjector 2.0 - Development Build 4 (2db4) New: Themes Improved: Song search to handle properly non Alphanumeric characters Improved: Can handle non Alphanumeric characters in song titles Improved: Presentation contol shortcuts w/wo usb-presentors* Bug Fix: SongCounter number sorting Bug Fix/New: Check for proper database version before it starts the softProjector Bug Fix: Printing of Song copyright info * Support for Usb-Presentors works partially. It may or may not work depending on the usb presenter. Following button from should work, next/previous slide and stop(pause/hide) button. SoftProjector 2.0 - Development Build 3 (2db3) Improved full song text search SoftProjector 2.0 - Development Build 2 (2db2) Support for two separate display screens SoftProjector 2.0 - Development Build 1 New: New SongBook format Added private song settings. Full-text song search Printing: Current preview song & edited song Current preview Bible chapter Announcement list Project (Bible histories, Song playlist, Announcement list) Display Screen controls Few shortcuts to control next/previous slides(PageUp/PageDown/Enter/Return/Arrow(Up/Down/Right/Left)) Improvements: Faster load/import/export/delete of songbooks User Friendly projection when only one monitor is available Bug Fix: When new/copy/edit song, Is_song_being_edited validation ----- NOTE: This is development release. May have serious bug. If any found, please report on bug tracker including build version. This release is for testing only.
Source: Readme.txt, updated 2014-04-17