SNMP Trap Translator is used to 'translate' traps received from the NET-SNMP / UCD-SNMP snmptrapd trap daemon into easy to understand messages.

* Added snmptthandler-embedded - a Net-SNMP snmptrapd embedded Perl version of snmptthandler.
* Added variable substitutions $Be, $Bu, $BE and $Bn for SNMPv3 securityEngineID, securityName, contextEngineID and contextName (requires snmptthandler-embedded handler).
* Added snmptt.ini option duplicate_trap_window variable for duplicate trap detection.
* Added LSB init keywords and actions to snmptt-init.d and changed the priority for start / stop so that it starts after snmptrapd and stops before snmptrapd.
* Changed the default log path to /var/log/snmptt for Unix and c:\snmpt\log for Windows to make it easier to grant write permission to the snmptt process.
* Changed umask for log files to 002 to ensure they are not created as world writable.
* Fixed a bug where the the PID file was being created using the parent (root) PID instead of the child (daemon_uid) when daemon_uid is used.
* The DEBUG log file will now be re-opened when a HUP signal is sent.
* When debugging is enabled, flush buffers every sleep cycle so we can tail the debug log file.
* Don't print messages to the console when starting in daemon mode unless debugging is enabled or an error occurs.
* 'Could not open debug output file!' is no longer reported when debugging is disabled.
* Added snmptt.logrotate file from Ville Skytta.
* Fixed a bug (1748512) with handling escaped quotes in a trap message.
* Updated snmptt-net-snmp-test to test MIB descriptions.
* SNMPTTConvertMIB: Fixed a bug (1678270) where a TRAP-TYPE / NOTIFICATION-TYPE line would not translate if it was split across two lines.