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  • Crashes in MacOS High Sierra. Install notes indicate installation of QT prior to the app. QT link is not valid.

  • Great open-source tool for SNMP

  • Decent GUI alternative to net-snmp.

  • A very good tool for SNMP. Display Table View for tabular infos a good feature.

  • A good program

  • Very good program , but i need to get connected to my device via a rs232 wire and get the mib. In this program I just find ip connection. Can anyone help? Thx

  • Perfect tool for MIB and SNMP activities. Simple and efficient. Very great job. Maybe agent profiles manager is a bit too simple (alphabetical ordering would be nice).

  • Very nice, handy tool. A lot of essential features are on the right click menu.

  • Crashes on startup as of OS X 10.9, Mavericks

  • It's very useful for me. Thank you very much!

  • Win version have values interpretation errors. OS: Win7_64 + Catalyst 3550 RFC1213-MIB \ ipNetToMediaTable (. iReason ipNetToMediaPhysAddressValue: 00-0A-41-FB-B8-80 SnmpB ipNetToMediaPhysAddressValue: 64ffffffae0c40ffffff9040

  • Good and simple SNMP tool. Thanks. Regards Kevin

  • Snmpb is a great piece of software for mibbrowsing, interrogating agents. I have used several mib browsers over the years, finding a free one is a long shot. Would like to see more in future. Have a couple of questions though, as I am not familiar with the programming utilities of KDE, in particular qtmake, etc, and the pro files. I downloaded the source tree as a previous version would not compile for me, however, I was able to get it to compile now. While browsing the source, I noticed it used snmp++, which I use and have used and am very familiar with. As well as libsmi. The main question is, what would be the implications in terms of, and linking into my own tree of snmp++? Since it is a shared library, in this case it was compiled int the snmb sources, and there was no linking (or appears to be none, in regards to, also in terms of snmp++, I don't use tomcrypt or libdes, but openssl, as my compile options, for snmp++. In a more general sense, I do not see why this is not doable, unless there are reasons I am not aware of. The other is basically libsmi... I maintain this as well, for myself. So also, there is the library in the path of of most of my systems, except for the ones I develop on, which they are kept in their own path. Most of these more or less are in regard to the qt portion of you application. Thanks!

  • snmpb is fast and easy to use

  • Excellent work.

  • Excellent tool. Tried on Windows and Linux without problem. Helped me to fix my MIB files using the integrated MIB editor. Also very useful to debug V1/V2 traps and informs without the need to configure snmptrapd; just run SnmpB. Thanks a lot for this software.

  • Thank you thank you thank you............almighty, finally an snmp tool that's work how it should. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert

  • Great, works like a charm on windows and linux. There is no other tool which does the same with ease.

  • Great tool that helps in customizing other tools like Cacti, Munin, Nagios or other SNMP software. One of the great and small applications that is a 'must have' for network administrator.

  • Needed some app to look at v2c informs. Even though the web page only mentions traps SnmpB works with informs as well. Displays nicely whether notification was a trap or inform. I used v0.8 on Windows.

  • Exactly what search for. Simple, efficient : great job