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  • When i insert table it uses two spaces as a the indent, is there anyway to make it respect the auto identification indent? i like to use a tab (my default is set as such) also ctrl+shift+enter seems to just select the word :(

  • Thanks for Snippetplus, it's great!

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  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • great app for notepad++ :) thanks snippetplus

  • Reliable and runs smoothly

  • Best soft in the niche.

  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best!

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  • Nice tool, works with XML files so it's easy to maintain. The docked window does not remain docked if NPP is quit and reopened. The snippets do not change to a user defined file type (language change). You claim this is open source - where is the source code?

  • very easy to use plugin that can significantly speed up the work, freeing you from the need to constantly write the same text!

  • NPP v6.1.3 on Win7, SnippetPlus v1.4. SnippetPlus does not stay docked after the reopening of NPP.

  • Excellent plugin, especially since it is Unicode. I wasted enough time with QuickText only to find it only works with Notepad++ ANSI. Current Notepad++ install packages install the Unicode version by default. The QuickText developer needs to either update his tool or make it EOL. I have no complaints about SnippetPlus but I don't mind saying the interface appears to have been copied from QuickText, which was kind of uninituitive. If anyone could tell me how to choose from available SurroundWith snippets using a keyboard shortcut, I'd be grateful. The available snippets appear in a tooltip below the insertion point, but there is no way to choose from them, and the first snippet in the list is always inserted when the keyboard shortcut is pressed. Any ideas? Thanks again for your great plugin!

  • It is an excellent addon and a much required one. The amount of reviews do not reflect the usefulness of the plugin. Makes the life for programmers easy. I code in html, css, php and mysql and this is God sent. Keep up the good work!

  • I love this plugin, you don't need to create different database or anything of that sort for bulk updates, you can just edit the xml. Only thing i found difficult is, it is not able to recognize the user defined language. aprt from that a great plugin

  • I absolutely love this plug-in. After being assigned to a project with a lot of repetitive coding, this has been a life saver. I found the GUI to be workable, but for the bulk updates, updating the XML config file itself is much more manageable (its location wasn't immediately apparent, but I found it), especially after making Snippets to add more Snippets!

  • I like the structure, but I'm still having some trouble using it. Once I learn how to use it, I'd be pleased to help work on the Help for users, if I can be of any help to the people working the project. Marc

  • very good project

  • I like and need what this plugin does.

  • For those who are having problem. Please be notified that you need .Net framework 3.5 to run this plugin. Win7 comes with the .Net framework 3.5. Others should install.