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Snarl R3.1 { When (stuff happens) (tell me); } Key changes and improvements since R3.0 New: SMTP redirect; New: Windows 8 Toast redirect; Completely revised Preferences Panel; Many bug fixes and cosmetic improvements. Key changes and improvements since R2.5.1 Fixed: Bug in the Win32 transport which was causing the wrong notify signal to be sent back to the calling application; New: JSON handler now supports full API request functionality; Fixed: GNTP application icon parsing; New: Block further notifications option in the notification menu. Selecting this will disable the class which generated the notification; New: Per-class setting which will prevent notifications from being programmatically hidden (closed) by applications; New: Per-class option to automatically redact notification body text based on the notification's sensitivity value; New: Styles may now provide custom Close and Actions gadget images; New: Can now subscribe to notifications from a remote computer (SNP only at present); When an extension is enabled, Snarl will compare its version number to a cached copy - if the two are different, Snarl will notify that the extension has changed; New: Per-class colour tint option allows notifications which use the same style to be easily identified (style in use must support this feature); New: Can now load, unload and configure extensions via the command line arguments passed to Snarl.exe; Notification scaling re-implemented; Updated "good" and "bad" icons; Extensions can now be configured via the [Applications] page; A gear wheel emblem is now drawn on the notification if it has a default callback; New: Can unload extensions from the [Applications] page; Can view details of remote applications via the [Applications] page; Garbage collection can now be disabled by setting garbage_collection to 0 (zero) in snarl41.config; New: can now define which notifications are sent to subscribed computers at a per-class level; Subscribed computers are now listed in the [Network] page; Completely revised and improved notification forwarding via both SNP and GNTP; Completely reworked Class Configuration panel; Completely reworked Preferences panel content; Styles are now separated into displays and redirectors. In addition to the above, there have been many bug fixes, security enhancements and cosmetic changes - see the change log for full details.
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