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  • Great Product !! Have been using this since our firm was running SCCM 2007 Client. After the Recent upgrade to SCCM 2012 client I see an issue with being able to view Runnings Executions. When We try to use the option Show Running Executions the Client Center just crashes..I'm not sure how to report this. I could give more details if I know how to. Thankyou

  • Smsclictr works good.

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  • It seems that you do not search inside WOW6432Node Registry for 32 bits applications. Why ?

  • Top notch application! Great work! Thanks

  • Excellent tool, thank you for continued development activity for this tool. 5/5

  • smsclictr, good stuff!

  • Very useful and effective. Exists on all platforms!

  • smsclictr is fast and stable

  • Great application... do you know when you'll have an update for SCCM 2012? Thanks!

  • excellent system for the SCCM administration and management!

  • Amazing project! An Invaluable tool for any SCCM administrator.

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  • Great application ! talentful works ! Thanks

  • So Far So Good im a newby

  • Great app when will the CM2012 app be ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • SCCM Client Center is much appreciated here. SCCM appears to have been designed assuming that admins can click a few (OK, many) checkboxes in the SCCM console, and software will reliably and automagically install across the domain without any further thought, let alone hands-on intervention. SCCM Client Center is a refreshing, useful return to reality. Even if the problem is my fault--too often the case!--observing the process with SCCM Client Center is the only practical way to find out which of the many settings I missed. SCCM Client Center also has a modern, organized, nicely polished UI that makes SCCM 2007 R3's mile-long treeview look prehistoric.

  • This tool has been critical to our success of managing SCCM Clients world wide. This tool is used everyday by myself and my techs. Thanks for your efforts!

  • Nice to be able to interact with clients remotely, especially when you need to do a quick push.

  • Great tool, has saved me a lot of time.

  • Sweet tool.

  • Use it everyday. Love it. If you are using SCCM, you need to install this.

  • An Invaluable tool for any SCCM administrator. You guys have my respect and admiration :)