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  • excellent player

  • best player for linux... period.

  • La mejor GUI de Mplayer y el mejor reproductor también

  • This program is packed to the gills with malware browser jackers that installed even after I told them not to. Now spending hours cleaning them off my PC. Personally I think people that develop and package such crud should be prosecuted but sadly the laws dont exist... yet. So download and install at your own risk. You have been warned. To the developers. SHAME ON YOU!

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  • good player with many features but its not use new mplayer engine (sub junk build's) and most annoying thing font search :P in windows other things fine

  • It comes bundled with adware.. But they offer a version free of the adware, that noobs will most likely not find hahaha.. Great program!!! very easy on resources, love the youtube browser, and can drag and drop internet radio playlists into it and set it as the default handler for those, supports hundreds of file extensions with no need for third party codecs. very awesome!

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  • I install smplayer for windows from

  • Awesome!!!

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  • Great Player fast and easy to use

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  • Silently installed "Optimizer Pro" adware, which began popping up ads on my machine intermittently. Very annoying. No drag and drop support.

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  • a player which is fast, consumes least resources, has the best customisation options, earlier user of KMplayer and vlc player i found it best of all. Its the best video player in the market.

  • Notice that the antivirus warnings refer to the SOURCEFORGE WRAPPER. The smplayer installer is completely clean and safe. You can skip the sourceforge wrapper and download the original smplayer installer by clicking in the "direct download" link above.

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  • WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Do not use the installer comes with the "Download" button !! Do as RVM said or you will get malicious software ..

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  • Please include Khmer Language in SMPlayer. I want to use it in my language.

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  • WARNING! Version 14.3.0 Windows installer contains unwanted software (browser add-ons very hard to remove completle) DO NOT USE version 14.3.0!

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  • Linux中很好的影音软件!

  • MALWARE WARNING - I downloaded this but my antivirus program gave this warning. The file 'smplayer-14.3.0-win32.exe' contained a virus or unwanted program 'ADWARE/InstallCore.Gen' [adware] Apparently there is unwanted adware bundled with the product. You may be able to decline this during the installation. I hate this sort of sneakiness and I didn't trust it at all. I've now deleted the file completely.

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  • Discovered SMPlayer this week. Better than Totem. I'd like to see a professional version of the time display, showing the frames.

  • I like this player so much in Linux that I'm now using it on VLC. Highly underrated, and I feel that it's simpler, clearer, and more streamlined than VLC, and it also lets you remap the mouse controls so you can left-click to play and pause, which you still can't do on VLC.

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  • Primary Linux video player for me

  • I was watching for such video player for my Kubuntu for a long time. Thanks to Ricardo Villalba for making my dreams come true :b

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  • Splendid video player, the BEST of all, i have no doubt about it! Thanks a lot to Ricardo for developing this excellent V.P

  • SMPlayer is far and away the BEST way to watch HQ 720/1080p mkv files on windows 8.1 64 bit. The quality is perfect and no other video player compares when it comes to quality, decoding, and multi-threading. I only wish it was easier to setup for your machine. When I installed it I had to set multithreading to 4, and choose directx (fast), among other settings such local file cache (8192 is good for me ) Apart from having to customize it and know what you're doing or use trial/erorr....SMPlayer WINS! Goodbye VLC.

  • The BEST!!!

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  • Excellent project! Reccommend everybody. Thanks.

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