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  • This is very handy video player because it can resume playing from the point saved and because it can play YouTube videos. I use it in conjunction with a video converter, Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows (it can be found at sourceforge too).

  • My favorite Mplayer GUI

  • I like it, it seems to be just good for me.

  • Great player, easy and soft. Run very well in my old Dual Core AMD E350 1,6 Ghz and 4 Gb Ram Notebook 10" . Thank you very much

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  • Bazaar Irony – No Basic Usability – More Playlist BS............ Please imagine if you will, You have a directory (folder) with say 10 video files of your vacation, or outing, or the first season of Whatever TV show. No one has such a folder, right (that is sarcasm)? And of course no one would want to just double click the first file in this folder and then use arrow or page keys to go from one file to the next in this folder -- THAT IS ALSO SARCASM. Sorry, but the bazaar irony – of this most basic usability – being absent from ANY video player just boggles my mind. SMPlayer creators bother to include the latest advance features, yet what of this MOST BASIC of the basic functions / MOST BASIC USABILITY. The most general of the general tab should have an option to SIMPLY move from one file to the next within ANY folder. ########### ACTUALLY, this should be the DEFAULT behavior of ANY video player – that no one would need to even consider as an option.########### And the most general of the general tab – or the file types tab – should have the option to make SMPlayer the default video player. To FORCE people to MESS around with the huge MESS of playlists – just to do something as simple as play / scroll through the files within a folder – is absolutely ridiculous.

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  • Make this player good looking, that's where once kmplayer excelled. Discreet and good looking icons etc.... please

  • Simply the best movie player for Linux!

  • Every day becomig more perfect.

  • good small vide player

  • A lifesafer for old computer (2010 or so...) :)

  • Muy bueno. Trae un montón de códecs incorporados. Leyó sin problemas alguna película algo problemática para reproducir. Se sigue actualizando regularmente. Buen trabajo!.

  • I've Download. Very Nice Brother.

  • The best movie player for Linux currently in existence. If you loved the old BSPlayer on Windows, and don’t want to miss out on anything, without feeling cluttered, this is what you want. Far better than VLC, which always had its problems, apart from being quite ugly.

  • all that compiling and it doesn't fly. this thing is not ready for general consumption. i was hoping for something that would allow youtube video download and subsequent viewing so i could keep using an old dell d420. this appears to more than i bargained for.

  • Very nice software

  • well.. very disappointing... i added 2/more folder/album to the playlist.. clicked the playlist column (sort by name), and then what? your palylist mess..!!! i hope the next release will have option to sort by folder/directory..

  • This was an OK player for me for the last 6 or 7 years. VLC player was the last player before Smplayer. Perhaps, I need to try a different video player. Con -Having to press the spacebar five times to get it to pause a video. I made a post on their bug-tracking page. Pros -lightweight -decent options

  • Seriously what an amazing player. I have been having a issue for a while where my VLC player used up to 50/60% of my CPU and was very laggy and also causing my CPU to run at high tempratures, so I looked for another player and found SM, now the same videos that used 50/60% only use 15/20% CPU... Amazing thanks, used VLC for years and it just got replaced.

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  • I've had SMPlayer for a while now, and I can honestly say this is the best media player ever! I think it's great because it plays about all the kind of formats and keeps bookmarks of what i watched last. Would never again try another kind of media player!

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  • Very Useful player... and easy to handle... 39 Printing Flushing

  • Along with VLC Media Player, easily the most powerful video player GUI for Linux.

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  • Good Job!!

  • excellent player

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