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  • Bazaar Irony – No Basic Usability – More Playlist BS............ Please imagine if you will, You have a directory (folder) with say 10 video files of your vacation, or outing, or the first season of Whatever TV show. No one has such a folder, right (that is sarcasm)? And of course no one would want to just double click the first file in this folder and then use arrow or page keys to go from one file to the next in this folder -- THAT IS ALSO SARCASM. Sorry, but the bazaar irony – of this most basic usability – being absent from ANY video player just boggles my mind. SMPlayer creators bother to include the latest advance features, yet what of this MOST BASIC of the basic functions / MOST BASIC USABILITY. The most general of the general tab should have an option to SIMPLY move from one file to the next within ANY folder. ########### ACTUALLY, this should be the DEFAULT behavior of ANY video player – that no one would need to even consider as an option.########### And the most general of the general tab – or the file types tab – should have the option to make SMPlayer the default video player. To FORCE people to MESS around with the huge MESS of playlists – just to do something as simple as play / scroll through the files within a folder – is absolutely ridiculous.

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  • all that compiling and it doesn't fly. this thing is not ready for general consumption. i was hoping for something that would allow youtube video download and subsequent viewing so i could keep using an old dell d420. this appears to more than i bargained for.

  • well.. very disappointing... i added 2/more folder/album to the playlist.. clicked the playlist column (sort by name), and then what? your palylist mess..!!! i hope the next release will have option to sort by folder/directory..

  • This program is packed to the gills with malware browser jackers that installed even after I told them not to. Now spending hours cleaning them off my PC. Personally I think people that develop and package such crud should be prosecuted but sadly the laws dont exist... yet. So download and install at your own risk. You have been warned. To the developers. SHAME ON YOU!

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  • Silently installed "Optimizer Pro" adware, which began popping up ads on my machine intermittently. Very annoying. No drag and drop support.

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  • WARNING! Version 14.3.0 Windows installer contains unwanted software (browser add-ons very hard to remove completle) DO NOT USE version 14.3.0!

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  • MALWARE WARNING - I downloaded this but my antivirus program gave this warning. The file 'smplayer-14.3.0-win32.exe' contained a virus or unwanted program 'ADWARE/InstallCore.Gen' [adware] Apparently there is unwanted adware bundled with the product. You may be able to decline this during the installation. I hate this sort of sneakiness and I didn't trust it at all. I've now deleted the file completely.

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  • Don't care how good it is, it comes packed with a browser hijacker and is VERY sneaky about installing it! I'm usually REALLY good at making sure none of that crap ever gets installed with things, but somehow that bullshit browser hijacker "Conduit" search toolbar crap got into my computer and reset all my browsers homepages, new tab pages, and stuck a nasty toolbar in them, along with other shitty extensions I didn't agree to installing! It doesn't belong on Source Forge if it's going to use this kind of bullshit that everyone hates and tries to stay far away from! Shame on you!

  • SMPlayer is probably the best all-round media player for GNU/Linux out there (being based on the wonderful mplayer makes it play almost anything you throw at it)! I highly recommend it to Windows users as well! Linux users may wish to use the library with this player though (based on ffmpeg/libav).

  • freezing when closing played small/short video

  • Too complicated to install.

  • It does detect converted rmvb files bad. It has a poor codec back on its own.

  • media player classic from k-lite co. is far more better.