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  • Hello. Nice script. I get error. Mysql is deprecated. Can you modify it to use mysqli ?

  • Server Audio Streaming - Shoutcast - Icecast - Centovacast - Autodj

  • I really think this is a great project and it does what it should, but it still needs more features and it does need to be updated a little and rewritten to better control the template through CSS instead of modifying the source files.

  • It looks great, but the Problem is that Mysql is version 2012 and it is the worse for install

  • This is so stupid!! Why go through so much effort to make something, and it has something stupid like short php tags? After hunting for the issue, i found that i had to change that setting, and after hours, and a millions downloads, finally got it installed, and when tried to create first stream, the whole thing Hangs!!. So disappointing to see such potentially useful hard work down the drains!!

  • Good to hear the project is going to be further developed! Can't wait..

  • works great.

  • Thanks for great project! Simply the best!

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  • Pros: Easy to use, great for anyone wanting to set up any kind of shoutcast server. Cons: I had to modify EACH .php file to add php after <? just to get the install pages and the management pages to work.

  • Nice project, keep on going!

  • Great project! I recommend this program strongly!

  • Just what I've been searching for and for free too! Great work! Those who say "Could not find SQL"..... you don't know how to set up / configure your database, not the fault of the software........ for the "No windows platform" comment, it's PHP and MySQL..... install WAMP!

  • Nice work

  • Easiest way I have ever tried for setting up multiple Shoutcast servers and managing them. Plenty of room for improvement, but works as is just fine as well. I will definately continue to monitor the progress of this project. Lots of potential!

  • Hey anonymous! With requirements like PHP and MySQL you say that there's no Windows version? It's open source, just install WAMPP in your server and run the application from any browser. ;) Best regards!