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ANSI C KPI Library Version: 0.32alpha ================================================================================================= C KPI is an interface for implementing Smart-M3 Knowledge Processors in ANSI C. Supported SIB interfaces: TCP and Plain NOTA. 0.2alpha release added functionality to support SPARQL queries implemented in Redland SIB. Details can be found in doxygen file. Requirements ================================================================================================= * gcc (tested for 4.3.2) * make (tested for 3.81) Bugs, feature requests and to-do list ================================================================================================= Report all bugs, feature requests and "to-do" items here:, then select product "SmartSlog" or directly follow the link Latest release ================================================================================================= The latest version adds support for SPARQL queries and new features IP provided by the release of Redland SIB. SPARQL - a query language for data provided by the model RDF, and a protocol for transmission of requests and responses to them. Allows you to query the distributed RDF database and receive responses. There are four types of SPARQL queries CONSTRUCT - allows you to set the rules by which side of the access point SPARQL triples are generated and sent to the user. SELECT - You can request the necessary data similar to SQL query. DESCRIBE - allows you to get triplets describing the requested resource (associated with). ASK - allows you to request a set of expressions, the answer to that - true or false. New functions ================================================================================================= Adding functionality is expressed specifically in the function: To work with RDF graphs. 1) ss_graph_insert Performs addition of triplets in SSAP format. 2) ss_graph_update Performs an update operation triplets in SSAP format. 3) ss_graph_remove Performs a delete operation triplets in SSAP format. To work with SPARQL queries. 4) ss_query Performs queries to SIB. 5) ss_sparql_construct_query Performs CONSRUCT SPARQL query to SIB. 6) ss_sparql_ask_query Performs ASK SPARQL query to SIB. 7) ss_sparql_select_query Performs SELECT SPARQL query to SIB. To work with a subscription. 8) ss_subscribe Performs subscription. 9) ss_subscribe_indication function checks if ubscribe or unsubscribe indicators were obtained. 10) ss_unsubscribe Sends a request to complete the subscription SSAP format. 11) ss_close_subscription Closes subscription. 12) ss_sparql_select_subscribe Performs a subscription request to the sparql select query to IP format SSAP. 13) ss_sparql_select_subscribe_indication function checks if the subscribe or unsubscribe indicators were obtained. To work with SPARQL-endpoints. 14) ss_sparql_endpoint_query Performs SPARQL queries to SPARQL-endpoints. Related links ================================================================================================= The full installation guide can be found in the file INSTALL. History of changes to the version found in the file CHANGELOG. Contact information for developers is available in the file AUTHORS. For the latest information on the release library is laid out in the NEWS. Demos ================================================================================================= For accelerated learning library functions available some demo examples: HelloSensors-demo example of working with sensors. (a detailed description can be found in the file README) HelloWorld-demo sample publication in sib. HelloWorldSubscription-demo sample subscription. SparqlQueries-integrated demo example SPARQL queries. Credits ================================================================================================= The project is done by FRUCT Lab at the IT-park of Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Russia. It based on KPI_Low project by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland ( Head of PetrSU FRUCT Lab: Iurii A. Bogoiavlenskii, PhD, Head of Department of Computer Science, PetrSU. Adviser and project leader: Dmitry G. Korzun, PhD, Adjunct Professor, <>. Developers: Aleksandr A. Lomov, <> Kirill Ustimov, <> Dmitry Pyatin, <> Einari Mironov, <> Mail-list:
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