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  • we already implement using smartPOS-smartERP. it was great, but You still must have the technical capability to customize so it will fit to your business flow.

  • Great work from Smart POS, there is also a version of Openbravo called Unicenta which is very stable and recently a very stable integration of Unicenta and Idempiere has been done and you can find it by searching for wanda pos online

  • Well, it's interesting. It's called SmartPOS, which would lead you to think that set up is a snap. But nothing could be further from the truth. And searching both the wiki and FAQ proved to be fruitless in terms of just trying to get the app installed, much less working. In a nutshell, there's no one shot installer and as far as I can tell no instructions for setting up the app. I'm sure it's awesome, being that it has its roots in OpenBravo, but impossible for me to say since there was no easy way to just install the damned application and run it. You'd think with a name like SmartPOS, this would be possible. If you can't just download the app, point, click and watch the thing unpack and install like a giant pup tent, then at the very least, I'd like some straight forward set up instructions so I can test the app. If they exist, they're hiding obscurity. How so many people were able to run it is beyond me. There are a lot of 5 star ratings. So I assume these folks were able to figure it out and that they loved it. But that was not been my experience. Like I said, would have loved to test it, but couldn't even get it running on my machine. If that weren't bad enough prior to my writing this review, I attempted to contact them via their website. But every time I hit the submit button, the email wouldn't go through. Unbelievable.

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  • Its a great application. SmartPOS 1.3 has good feature and TAX related issues are resolved. It would be great if you can provide the source code of the smartpos1.3.

  • Not bad for a start, need improvement on the pos ui. Hope to see this with idempiere soon. Thanks

  • Good Day, is a pleasure to me practicing with SmartPOS demo and SmartERP, i've been practicing this contribution and is amazing, i made a reconstruction of this demo using empty databases and i saw how it works, it's wonderfull, i can't wait for the official SmartPOS (+ERP).

  • The architecture of SmartPOS Advanced Point of Sale (+ ERP) is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a product that I can use for a number of remote locations, yet manage from a central, cloud based ERP implementation. The remote locations have unreliable internet connectivity, so an asynchronous communication mechanism like JMS will allow for a very robust and fault tolerant architecture. With a basic understanding of Adempiere, I was able to get the SmartPOS demo application running in an afternoon. This is a very exciting project with a lot of future potential!