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Totals: 38 Items   1.9 kB 1
release-6.2-15.08.7 2016-01-22 1313 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-15.08.7 2016-01-22 22 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-15.08.6 2015-12-23 11 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.6 2015-12-19 11 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.5 2015-12-11 22 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.4 2015-11-25 11 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.3 2015-11-09 11 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.2 2015-10-24 11 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.1 2015-10-08 22 weekly downloads
release-6.2-15.08.0 2015-09-11 22 weekly downloads
release-6.2-14.11.7 2015-05-23 22 weekly downloads
addons 2015-05-22 33 weekly downloads
release-6.2-14.11.6 2015-05-14 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.11.6 2015-04-26 33 weekly downloads
release-6.2-14.11.5 2015-04-17 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.11.5 2015-03-26 33 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.11.4 2015-03-20 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.11.1 2014-12-09 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.03.6 2014-07-17 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.03.4-2 2014-06-18 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.03.2-1 2014-05-05 22 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.03.1-2 2014-04-26 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-14.03.0 2014-04-17 44 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-2.6.4 2013-11-09 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-2.6.3 2013-10-19 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-2.6.0 2013-09-28 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-2.6.0rc2 2013-06-28 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1.1-2.5.7 2013-06-26 11 weekly downloads
release-6.1-2.5.0 2012-12-23 77 weekly downloads
release-6.1-2.4.3 2012-10-28 11 weekly downloads
release-6.0-2.4.1 2012-07-08 11 weekly downloads
release-5.5-2.3.5 2012-05-24 11 weekly downloads
release-6.0-2.3.5 2012-05-24 22 weekly downloads
release-5.5-2.3.4 2012-05-13 22 weekly downloads
release-6.0-2.3.4 2012-05-12 33 weekly downloads
release-5.4.3-2.3.3 2012-03-14 33 weekly downloads
release-5.4.2-2.3.1 2011-12-07 22 weekly downloads
README.creole 2016-01-22 1.9 kB 11 weekly downloads

This site provides the slurm resource manager for rocks clusters.

The latest stable release is slurm-15.08.7 for rocks 6.2 (Sidewinder) and rocks 6.1.1 (Sand Boa)

This site also provides additional rolls and rpm packages for rocks clusters in the folder addons

Additional Rolls:

  • pb-R (R for Rocks Cluster)

This roll provides the statistical package R for Rocks from the Epel repository

  • pb-paraview (Paraview for Rocks Cluster)

ParaView is an application designed to visualize large data sets. This roll provides paraview for Rocks from the Epel repository.

  • pb-OCE (OpenCascade for Rocks Cluster)

OCE stands for OpenCascade Community Edition. Open Cascade is a C++ software development platform for 3D modeling, visualization, data exchange and rapid application development.

  • pb-compiler-gcc Roll

This addon provides the compiler gcc-4.6.3 and gcc-4.7.1, specially build for rocks clusters. These compiler should be used to build software for newer processors like Bulldozer, Piledriver, Interlagos, Sandybridge or Haswell. By installing this roll, the default gcc compiler is not overwritten or removed.

  • pb-osg (OpenSceneGraph for Rocks Cluster)

OpenSceneGraph is an open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit for visual simulation, scientific visualization and modelling.

  • pb-octave (GNU Octave for Rocks Cluster)

GNU Octave is a high-level language for numerical computations.

  • pb-openblas Roll

OpenBlas is an optimized Blas and Lapack Library.

  • pb-python (Python packages for Rocks Cluster)

Important scientific python packages from CentOS and Epel repositories.

Other projects:

  • lustre-roll

Rocks Cluster Client for the lustre filesystem

  • glusterfs-roll

Rocks Cluster Server and client for the gluster filesystem

Please see also Discussion at sourceforge for announcements and other information or contact wernsaar@googlemail.com for questions or free support.

Source: README.creole, updated 2016-01-22