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1/ Description ______________ Identification : SITools2 Date : 2013-01-16 Version : 2.0-RC-1 Owner : CNES Developer : AKKA Technologies Type : Complete Repository url : http://sourceforge.net/projects/sitools2/ Project page : http://sitools2.sourceforge.net/ Classification : Not Confidential - Opensource GPL V3 Characteristics : Standalone, Java, ExtJS Role/Function : Adaptable web interface for scientific data exposition. Reference tag : (1.0) 2/ Changes ____________________ -2.0-RC-1 (2013-01-16) * New Features : - Selected zone in the map panel form component can be unselected - Value are sorted in dropdown list form components - Name resolver form component have been improved, if multiple object are found for a name the choice is given to the user - It's possible to change the size of the panels in the Cartographic view dataview. The size of the map panel can be chosen in the dataset administration * Bugs fixed : - WADL correction - Query type in dataset was not taken into account - In the Dataset SQL wizard it is impossible to change the tables name - DirectOrderResource could not we executed from a CartoView dataset view - A new project module cannot be added directly to a project without reloading the page - Calendar form component layout have been fixed - Application plugin parameters were not changed for new application plugin * Enhancements : - Images available on Resources Plugins and visible on dataset services list - Name Resolver : the user can specify a type to fill up RA/DEC corresponding to the user choice. - xs*: parameters available on Application Plugins - New logs format for resources order - New tooltip configuration available on the dataset livegrid - It is possible to configure a tooltip for every column (it will override the default tooltip) - It is possible to configure a tooltip for every feature type - Tar and Zip representation in order resource have been greatly optimized - NumericFilter uses BigDecimal from exact precision instead of floating point Double precision - Project modules administrator application is only used by client admin GUI - Dataset views administrator application is only used by client admin GUI - Images url for dataset, project ... are relative - Security changes : For all application, except PublicApplication, a bad credential call will result in a 403 status. - ProxyResource improved to allow all HTTP methods (only GET was allowed before) * Known bugs : - It is not possible to save forms or datasetviews in fixed desktop mode ____________________ -1.7.3 (2012-11-02) * New Features : - New client user GUI - Zoning can be specified in a ftl template and specified for each project - User space more user friendly - Navigation menu to open modules. Module can be regrouped into categories - DataSet or multidataset form can be access directly through a specific module. - Possibility to choose between 2 navigation mode - desktop : like 1.0 - fixed : the pages are anchored on the desktop like a classic website. - History of the pages is saved in fixed mode (Saves the last 10 pages opened) - New MongoDB Datasource - MongoDB database explorer module available on the administration GUI - Dataset can be defined on both MongoDB and SQL Datasource - New Dataset explorer module, more user friendly. - New CMS like module. It is possible to create and view a simple web site directly in the SITools2 GUI. - New Datasource explorer module. - A project module can have its own parameters and can be parameterized by project - New dataset view to display geographic metadata. * Bugs fixed : - Converters behavior on null values have been homogenized => nothing is returned - Images are displayed on image feature type column even if the value is null => no image displayed * Enhancements : - Plot refactored to display more than 300 records or selected records - Feed reader changed to be more user friendly - Feed detail window changed to be more user friendly - Multidataset result window have been changed and have different behavior depending on the navigation mode - Auto language detection - Copy/Paste is available with right click on the record details window - No more desktop manager module * API changes : - Project model changed a lot => To be recreated - DataSet model changed => Compare operator in the predicat have to be changed (ex : = to EQ) ____________________ -1.0 (2012-07-04) * Bugs fixed : - ExternalUrl feature type does not work when there are parameters in the URL - NULL value for numeric type are displayed as 0.0 - HTML export resource doesn't work properly with "no client access" column * Enhancements : - The SVA have been removed for good - French labels have been updated ____________________ -0.9.6 (2012-06-18) * New Features : - Public preferences can be deleted - Resource parameter can have a dictionary valueType (xs:dictionary) to choose from the list of dictionaries - RSS or ATOM feeds can be defined from external sources - In date between form, the default date can be defined with a date template. This template contains the date of the current day minus or plus a certain amount of days. - Dataset's dataview can have parameters defined by the dataview developer. The value of the parameters are defined by the administrator when creating/ editing a dataset. - New astronomy extension, featuring : - supports coneSearch Protocol from IVOA - supports galactic/equatorial coordinates transformation - supports name resolver service for solar system bodies and objects - supports hexadecimal/decimal degrees coordinate transformation - Name resolver in the cone-search form component * Bugs fixed : - "The preference files cancel the date format requested" (ID: 3532421), the date format changes when the preference are saved. - "Preference files add unwanted columns in livegrid" (ID: 3532417) - "NoClientAccess Feature type not used correctly in client" (ID : 3531919) - "Wrong column order in CSV export" (ID : 3532706) - "Problem with primary keys with a '+'" (ID : 3532704) * Enhancements : - ColumnRenderer GUI. - DateConverter updated with new SItools date format - In forms the labels don't contain ":" anymore. - In the "External Url (view in Desktop)" feature type, it is possible to tell whether or not the link is displayable in a window. It not, it will be downloaded. - Date converter can have 2 labels, one for each field (start date/ end date). - Form components can have no label. * API changes : - Since the dataview configuration on a dataset has changed, all datasets have to be opened and saved. ____________________ -0.9.5 (2012-05-30) * New Features : - New feature types for dataset columns - Date format can be defined for date column on a dataset - Date format can be defined for the date_between form component - Date columns can be used in the plot - Project can be set to maintenance mode, which means they cannot be accessed anymore * Bugs fixed : - Public save on multidataset doesn't save the right position * Enhancements : - The date format exchange between client and server (for the /records API) is now yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS - The viewDataDetails and DataView (for datasets) new layout - Tasks Application security changed to allow GET, PUT, DELETE for the task owner or Public user if there is no user logged. * API changes : - /data configuration for datasets - For every column the fields "datasetDetailUrl", "columnAliasDetail", "image" and "columnRenderer" must be deleted - The columnRenderer have to be re-entered with the new version of Sitools. - see installation-notes.txt for more information on how to merge your data. ____________________ -0.9.4 (2012-05-09) * New Features : - Project usability : The administrator can define a configuration used for every public user - Order files : New synchronous order resource available with zip, tar, tar.gz export format. - Limit the number of files to download (warning and error threshold) - Set the name of the result file - Plugin resource : Its possible to configure the client behavior of a Resource plugin (Open directly in the deskop or in a new tab of the browser) * Bugs fixed : - It is know possible to change the order of the properties on an mutlidataset search form. * Enhancements : - Asynchronous task window look and feel * API changes : - fr.cnes.sitools.project.modules.model.ProjectModule publicOpened deprecated. - fr.cnes.sitools.common.resource.SitoolsParametrizedResource : Add of a new fileName parameter (this parameter have to be added in all plugins_resources xml files). - fr.cnes.sitools.plugins.resources.model.ResourceModel : Add .of a new behavior attribute. - setAuthor and setVersion method deleted in AbstractConverter and AbstractFilter ____________________ - 0.9.3 (2012-04-25) * New Features : - Multi dataset search finished : - Datasets can be filtered on their properties - Multi dataset search can be performed - Multi dataset component supports units - Muti dataset result show the number of records for each dataset - A new access logger is available to log and analyse business access - New ergonomics administration menu * Bugs fixed : - no scrollbar in livegrid with windows+firefox 10.0 - ID: 3484932 - WADL for dataset applications works properly - With Google Chrome when calling ANALOG generation a Method Not Allowed occur. * Enhancements : - External IP are logged even if Sitools is configured behind a front end Apache * API changes : - Overrides all formComponents, datasets_views, projects_modules and freemarker in /data directory - Dis-activate, open, close et reactivate all datasets and project to load new configuration. - For all existing forms & formProject : - replace NumberFieldUser with NumberField - replace Listbox with ListboxMultiple - replace sitools.component.forms with sitools.admin.forms - replace sitools.component.users.SubSelectionParameters.SingleSelection with sitools.common.forms.components - replace sitools.component.users.SubSelectionParameters.MultipleSelection with sitools.common.forms.components - replace sitools.component.users.SubSelectionParameters.NoSelection with sitools.common.forms.components ____________________ - 0.9.2 (2012-03-23) * New Features : - Geographic search form component - Project modules defined on a project can be authorized only for some specified roles. - Multi dataset search development in progress : - Collection of datasets - Properties on a dataset - Multi dataset form search (Project form) administration - Multi dataset form search displayed in the user interface (don�t do any searching) - Feature type DisplayableUrl is available on all dataset views and data details windows. * Bugs fixed : - ANALOG report now works on Linux host - Refresh issue � ID: 3509431 � When adding a column to the livegrid and refreshing the grid, the data of this column are properly refreshed - DATABASE column type missing � ID: 3495622 � It is now impossible to change column type of a DATABASE column - In the data detail window, the field label are the label of the column (not the database column name) - Images can be changed in RSS feeds items * Enhancements : API changes : - Overrides all formComponents, datasets_views, projects_modules and freemarker in /data directory - Dis-activate, open, close et reactivate all datasets and project to load new configuration. * Known bugs : - With Google Chrome when calling ANALOG generation a Method Not Allowed occur. Although the ANALOG report is correctly done, user have to click on analog menu again to refresh the ANALOG report. If the Analog report is not refreshed the browser cache have to be cleared. ____________________ - 0.9.1 (2012-03-08) * Bugs fixed : - Tasks result can be displayed properly ____________________ - 0.9.1RC2 (2012-02-24) * New Features : - 2 new dataset's column featureTypes - noClientAccess : The column will never be shown to the client but can be use in services - displayableUrl : The column data points to an external url but will be displayed in the desktop * Bugs fixed : - ANALOG report is not correct precisely on hosts information - HTML display problem when using "start" menu - ID: 3472397 - Form Component size properties inefficient - ID: 3488542 - Regression : Impossible to change form size - ID: 3488531 * Enhancements : - Dataset form component can be created on not visible column * API changes : - /data configuration : plugins_filters parameters are now named filterParameter instead of resourceParameter - /data default configuration : freemarker and dataset_views default files must be overridden. - All Datasets must be edited and saved in order to reload the new datasetViews configuration. - /data default authorizations files have been updated and must be overridden. * Known bugs : - ANALOG report does not work on Linux host ____________________ - 0.9.1RC (2012-02-10) * New Features : -> New resource plugin parameters type (xs:enum, xs:enum-multiple, xs-enum-editable, xs-enum-editable-multiple) -> Administrator can configure whether or not to display a resource plugin parameter in the client-user -> On linux host it is possible to run multiple instance of Sitools2 -> It is possible to set a project header to display in the desktop -> New project description module * Bugs fixed : -> Export Html not persistent - ID: 3483143 * Enhancements : -> It is possible to set an Owner in every Sitools2 plugin -> Freemarker templates are located in the data/freemarker directory -> RSS feeds can contains images, those images will be displayed in the client * API changes : -> /data configuration : fields removed in dataset_filters (currentClassVersion and currentClassAuthor) -> /data configuration : in taskModel, runType is now named runTypeAdministration * Known bugs : - ANALOG report is not correct precisely on hosts information - ANALOG report does not work on Linux host ____________________ - 0.9.1M5 (2012-01-24) * New Features : -> It is possible to call a service ( SVA or Resource ) over a selection of more that 300 records. -> User inscription secured with captcha image -> Blacklist Ip addresses configurable in sitools.properties -> CSS, and freemarker templates directly editable in administration interface -> Project modules configuration * Bugs fixed : * Enhancements : -> developer plugins *.jar can be added and removed in fr.cnes.sitools.core/ext directory. -> Plugin CRUD client/server communication is done through DTOs and not Model any more. Model have Maps of parameters and DTOs have list of parameters. On server side only Maps are used. -> Resource Order has been re factored to facilitate the implementation of new order process. -> org.restlet.patched plugin containing extended classes of restlet for wadl and security purpose * API changes : -> tag must be removed for all : -datasets_converters -datasets_filters -plugins_resources -plugins_filters -> Plugins_applications must be recreated * Known bugs : - ANALOG report is not correct precisely on hosts information - 0.9.1M4 (2011-12-22) * New Features : -> When developing a resource plugin, the developer can define the application class to which the resource can be attached -> It is now possible to use resource plugin as SVAs with full task management -> The client gets all applications paths from the server, the paths can be changed in the sitools.properties ( except APP_URL for now) -> Client-User module can be added/remove/modified on the admin part * Bugs fixed : * Enhancements : -> Added 2 attributes in Response object count and offset to deal with record pagination * API changes : -> In the record API result totalCount = total * Known bugs : -> It is impossible to select more than 300 records from the livegrid and execute a service (SVA, order, resource ...) - 0.9.1M3 (2011-11-28) - New Features : -> Reset User Password from the login window (portal) -> Generate a user password for a new user from the client-admin -> Change user profile from an existing user in the client-user -> Freemarker templates available for emails in /conf/resources/templates -> New module to test API from the client-user (Module Poster) - Bugs fixed : -> Admin help have been corrected and improved -> Not possible to register a user from project desktop - ID: 3435309 - Enhancements : -> Context is available when validating a Converter, a Filter, a SVA or an Application plugin. -> DataSetApplication and ProjectApplication are attached via riap (can be used by other resources, applications, internally knowing the url attachment) -> SecurityFilter is now configurable by setting a subclass name in sitools.properties (for example in order to control upload size limit) -> DataSet description can now be used in client applications (window title of DataSetViews for example) DataSet description can be set without any character control, contrary to DataSet name -> On /records API, limit=-1 returns all records in the limit of the AbstractDatabaseRequest.MAX_ROWS parameter and limit=0 returns no records only counts -> Email is mandatory when creating a user -> Absolute SVA URL can be found when editing SVA - API changes : -> in data folder, template folder is now named dictionary_templates ____________________ - 0.9 (14/10/2011) - New Features : -> Filtering on date + time -> Dataset views can be saved and reopen automatically -> Converters can be activated or disactivated - Bugs fixed : -> Opensearch RSS feeds are W3C valid -> Problem with postgresql when schema name is in uppercase - ID: 3419661 -> Wrong label for conesearch component on the server side - ID: 3415343 -> It seems that whatever SVA is listed in Home>SVATask. Nevertheless, only SVA having a POST method or asynchrone task should be listed. -> Datasource password can contain % character -> Datastorage security can be changed -> Dictionary concepts description are diplayed as tooltip on live columns -> Forms are centered in the window -> New dataset's columns are added to the livegrid even if the livegrid have been saved before (the columns deleted are not deleted in the livegrid) -> Dataset icon link are saved and restored properly -> Dataset views are saved and restored properly according to the user rights -> Unit extension support hour, minute and second units -> Sva default values are displayed when editing a Sva, and parameters are saved properly - 0.9RC (04/10/2011) - New Features : -> Project details can be viewed even if the project is active -> Converters can be actived and disactivated - Bugs fixed : -> minors bugs - 0.9M5 (2011-09-23) - New Features : -> Dataset SQL definition improved -> The Join statement can be specified -> Resource plugin can be plugged on DataSet's and Project's applications -> DataSet can have semantic definition by mapping dictionary concepts to columns -> Application WADL contains HTTP codes -> Security on datastorage improvements -> Each datastorage have its own security definition -> Each datastorage can have a specific plugin filter for security check - Bugs fixed : -> 3411383 : Quotes are missing in SQL request using DATE_BETWEEN -> minors bugs - 0.9M4 (2011-09-05) - New Features -> SVA handling improvments in user client -> Dictionary Concepts integration (step 1) -> DataView component to replace classic livegrid -> Security improved to prevent SQL injection -> DB for tests installer to execute Junit tests (needs MySQL and Postgres) -> Bugs fixed : -> minors bugs - 0.9M3 (2011-08-11) - New Features : -> Cone Search with unit conversion -> Default Security configuration for all applications -> Numeric form components with units -> Better form component behaviours -> Bugs fixed : -> Duplicate User / group exceptions -> numeric filters / operators <= and => instead of < and > - 0.9M2 (2011-07-21) - New Features : -> Application IP filtering (intranet/extranet) -> JAR Plugins "on-the-fly" installation -> Numeric form components with units -> Better form component behaviours -> Bugs fixed : -> Download/Upload of files including security -> 3362806: Tables opened from the graph have two MultiSort buttons - 0.9M1 (2011-07-07) - New features : -> Form components plug-ins -> Units/Dimension administration - Bugs fixed : -> Same as 0.8 (simultaneous development) - 0.8 (2011-06-21) - Bugs fixed : -> 3313793: The wrong number of record was displayed in the plot windows -> 3314255: Not visible columns were present in the CVS export but were empty -> 3317773: It was impossible to create an empty properties when creating a user -> 3317774: There was no primary or foreign keys in the user MySQL schema -> 3344414: Radio button were not working properly in the forms -> 3346563: DataSet's predicates were not used when searching from a form on a dataset defined without the SQL Wizard -> In the livegrid the filters were not applied when scrolling -> 3346624: There was a precision loss while filtering on big integer values -> 3355053: It was impossible to get the list of visible columns (including the virtual columns) on a dataset - Known bugs - 0.8RC1 (2011-06-10) : Initial version of the software distributed by Sourceforge http://sitools2.sourceforge.net/ - Bugs fixed : - Known bugs : 3/ System requirements ______________________ Developement : Windows, Linux, MacOSx compatible Runtime : Windows, Linux, MacOSx compatible Build tools : ------------- ................................................................................................. Name | Version | Provider | ................................................................................................. Java Development Kit | 1.6 | Oracle | Ant | 1.8.1 | Apache | IzPack | | | ................................................................................................. Tools to install : ------------------ ................................................................................................. Name | Version | Provider | ................................................................................................. Java Development Kit | 1.6 | Oracle | Ant | 1.8.1 | Apache | SGBD MySQL or | | | SGBD PostgreSQL | | | ................................................................................................. Embedded libraries : -------------------- ................................................................................................. Name | Version | Provider | ................................................................................................. Ant | 1.8.1 | Apache | IzPack | | | Restlet | 2.0.5 | Noelios | ExtJS | 3.2.2 | Sencha | Saxon | 9. | | ................................................................................................. No licence for use Project distributed under Opensource GPL V3 license 4/ Content __________ 1) Server modules fr.cnes.sitools.core : Main classes for SITools2 server fr.cnes.sitools.extensions : Plugins classes of applications, resources, converters, filters, and svas fr.cnes.sitools.ext.test : Plugins classes for example and tests purpose. 2) Web client modules client-admin : ExtJS interface for administration. client-public : Commons files for ExtJS interface. client-user : ExtJS user interface. 3) Build modules sitools/build : update properties files of others modules in one step. sitools/install-izpack : builder of the izpack installer 5/ File extensions __________________ .java ascii Java source .properties ascii Java property file .xml ascii XML file .xsd ascii XML schema .txt ascii Text file .css ascii Web style sheet .html ascii HTML javadoc file .js ascii Javascript source .bat ascii Executable batch DOS file .class binary Java class .jar binary Java archive .zip binary Compression of exploitation tree .exe binary Executable .gif binary Image .jpg binary Image .png binary Image .doc binary Word document 6/ Build ____________________ cd /sitools/workspace/fr.cnes.sitools-core ant cd /sitools/workspace/fr.cnes.sitools-extensions ant 7/ Build installer ____________________ cd workspace/sitools-install-izpack ant 8/ Install __________ Simply launch the installer executable. 9/ Start ________ Simply launch the batch startSitools.sh or startSitools.bat 10 / Copyright ______________ This software distribution is covered by this copyright notice. All third-party libraries redistributed with this software remain the property of their respective copyright owners and are subject to separate license agreements. 11 / License ____________ You can obtain a copy of the GPL 3.0 license at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/GPL-3.0 Restlet is a registered trademark of Noelios Technologies. This product includes the FreeMarker software developed by the Visigoth Software Society (http://www.visigoths.org/).
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