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  • I've been using version of SIPE since they started publishing it... Only complaint is that I'd love to see SIPE in a base install of Pidgin, if that is possible, to make it easier for more folks to utilize and a little less work to stay up-to-date on.

  • Once I read the faq on how to replace files that no longer exist in the default Pidgin install, it works like a dream. This plugin was the main reason I decided to switch to Pidgin, since I hated having Trillian AND my Office Communicator open.

  • THIS PLUGIN is AWESOME!!!! Thank you Thank you!

  • works well with MOC

  • A great weapon against that boring "You need to use Windows because all your coworkers use it" argument. Thanks a lot!

  • If the rest of your company uses OCS and you want to use Linux this helps set you free.

  • An extremely valuable tool to allow people to continue using Linux rather than be forced onto Windows

  • This plug-in is well-developed, and more than suits a need, it attempts to integrate all the functions of the parent software in a way that is meaningful and useful for those using it as an alternative to the OEM client. Highly responsive developers (pier11 is awesome), and a good user base mean that updates are a good mix of enhancements and fixes. I never hear that someone doesn't have the time to work on something. I never have to wait long for a fix or an enhancement to go to production. Users don't have to kvell over the software before they can get help. Users ask intelligent questions and give good feedback to developers. It's really a good project with an approachable community.

  • Works great on RHEL5. Both Pidgin and this plugin compiled from source. I used the following 'configure' options/script to compile SIPE plugin. I had to experiment a bit to get these right, since this is on a machine where I do not have root privileges and cannot have latest of all the prerequisites : Hope this helps the only 'thumbs down' reviewer!

  • Works perfectly. Great work! I'm using the precompiled version 1.7.0-1 from the Ubuntu PPA archive:

  • It just works out-of-the-box. Version used: 1.7.0. :)

  • Still in development, but if you can get it compiled and installed it's worth it.

  • Love the functionality