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  • Love this game!

  • Windows 10 identifies the installer as malware

  • Good !

  • Thanks for this post. It's a good post and helpful

  • amazing

  • thnak you very much for good program...

  • I have deleted and downloaded the game three times now. Every time the same problem occurs. I cannot build railway bridges which are essential to the game. I can build road bridges, but not railway. Anyone know what the issue is?

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  • It's a good learning tool and very fun to play.

  • SimuTrans is a transport management game similar to games like TTD or Open TTD. SimuTrans is a different beast though, adding destinations to cargo, and each industry is in a contract with others in the supply chain, adding a new degree of difficulty. If Open TTD is starting to get repetitive, or you're looking for a challenge, then SimuTrans might be the game you're looking for. There are some things to know though before you go in expecting a perfect piece of software: SimuTrans doesn't have a built-in tutorial, and has a steep learning curve. Players new to transport management games like TTD should look online for tutorials. If you're transitioning from Open TTD you will find it very familiar, and should adapt quickly to this new game. SimuTrans also uses different graphics 'paks' that change the appearance of the game and some features. This can cause problems since many 'paks' are independently developed from the game. A great example is the Pak192.Comic set. It looks and plays great, but its missing vehicles for transporting some goods. Fortunately, most of the paksets are complete. Development is a little slow on some of them, but most paksets are large collections of work from different users. Bottom line: Give SimuTrans a try, just don't compare it too much to Open TTD and be patient!

  • The Simutrans is good and luxury! :-)

  • It's a good game and I like it a lot. I'm still waiting for the 3D version

  • This is a great game once you get the hang of it but it's complicated up until that point. I tried to uninstall it and it wouldn't show up in add/remove programs on Windows XP. I ended up just deleting the file but it's still showing up.

  • Excellent transport simulation with realistic economics!

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  • A truly enjoyable time-waster that is good for all ages. Simutrans is a simulator game where you play a regional administrator or some other governmental engineering aparachnik and help develop or build it's transportation infrastructure, schedule trips and travel, and come to grips with the logistical nightmare humanity creates for themselves. If you liked the Sim City series of games, or civilization/building games, this may well appeal to you, and cause you to forget about other work you really should be doing.

  • I am hopelessly addicted to this game.

  • Interesting game, I'm impressed!

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  • I never found great simulation transportation like this project. Thank for great game like this

  • I found your website perfect according to my needs. It contains wonderful and helpful posts. Thanks for it.

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  • without any cons

  • Thanks for good program!

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  • I use this project for years and i can't stop to play this game! I'm in love with this graphic. I'll never get boring from it!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Looking good!

  • It works just as intended and much more. Recommended!

  • multiplayer is awesome, thank you for this game!

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