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========================================================================== About SimulME 1.1.0 (released 2010-10-07): -------------------------------- INPORTANT!: It's not possible to import data from previous version. Update will delete all the SimulME data on your phone! ========================================================================== These features are new in beta 1.1.0 (released 2010-10-07): -------------------------------- * Task Manager - To navigate between tabs: to the left use key 1, 4 and 7 to the right use key 3, 6, 9, Fire Button -------------------------------- * Queue calculator - 10 new queue systems are available: M/G/1/GD/oo/oo M/D/1/GD/oo/oo M/G/C/GD/oo/oo M/M/oo/GD/oo/oo M/G/oo/GD/oo/oo D/D/C/GD/K/K G/G/C/GD/oo/oo G/M/C/GD/oo/oo M/Er/1/GD/oo/oo M/G/C/GD/K=C/oo - overall performance while solving queue systems was improved. -------------------------------- * Prob. Dist calculator, Input Analyzer and Random Gen. - 12 new Distributions are available: Pareto Laplace Logistic Nakagami Power Student Cauchy LogLogistic Binomial FisherF Geometric Rayleigh - Prob. Dist calculator: Now it's possible to calculate by input the cdf, barf or inversef first. - Input Analyzer Bug fix: Now it's possible to fit negative sample data by adding all numbers with the absolute of the most negative (minimum value of your data) such that the most negative one will become zero and all other number become positive. The Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) will show translated distribution parameters.
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