Open source php/mysql fully featured auction script. Perfect for those who want to start their own auction site.


  • Fees (paypal/ gateways bult in)
  • Standard/Normal Auctions
  • Easily editable templates
  • Multilingual

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User Reviews

  • the register.php is not loading..... running 1.21

  • This program has some serious issues. BOT's can access the web application and add users in for spam. If you do not believe me install this software and then check the users in 24 hours and you will see a lot of users added in by BOT's The webid forums are sub standard and the fixes are worse than the problems. My web hosting site quarantined my entire website directory today and sent me this email : - "Our System Administration team has discovered your account security was compromised and 'hacks' inserted into your account. These 'hacks' were loaded onto your account through either a weak password that was guessed or by a third-party via an exploit in the software on your site." Trust me my password was very strong and that was not the issue. It is a know exploit for this site.

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  • I'm doing some work on an install now and the architecture and design are very old, and cause alot of extra work. If you're looking for a drop-in install for a short-term project, with no plans to modify it, then ok. If you're building something that you need to live with for more than 6 months then keep looking. This project won't save you any time over a custom build.

  • This thing works! And there's a seemingly small but active and helpful community on Great project. Hope to see it grow.

  • The application architecture is terrible. Most of php files are messed into the root folder and there is no separation between the data layer with the business layer, what makes bug fixing and enhancements really painful.

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Intended Audience

Non-Profit Organizations, Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop

User Interface


Programming Language

PHP, JavaScript

Database Environment

MySQL, SQL-based