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ShutItDown RBS allows you to schedule tasks like shut down, restart or log off. Check our website for more info: Changes in version 1.2: - Added option to set admin password as a requirement to use the application - Close button now minimize the application, to close it use the right click option on system tray icon - Added automatic check for updates - Added process check to disable multiple instances of this application running simultaneous - Added Spanish and German language Changes in version 1.1: - Added multi-language support in one single installer (for now just Portuguese, English and Italian) - Option to open log from system tray icon - Fixed the bug where disabled tasks will trigger a popup message saying their are going to be executed - "Run with windows startup" option enabled by default - Changes on the settings and tasks files location so it wont need admin rights if you install it on program files directory Features in version 1.0: - Quickly shut down, restart or log off your pc. - Schedule shut down, restart or log off tasks in your pc. - Able to run minimized and start automatically with windows. - You can schedule daily or weekly tasks and they will be performed automatically until you disable them. - Automatically generated log of ShutItDown activities so that you can check if certain tasks were performed.
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