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  • I sincerly think this program the perfect software I ever tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • Very good. Knows my defined functions and has content assist

  • Very good. Knows my defined functions and has content assist

  • Very nice editor, but how can i toggle breakpoints? Edit: Breakpoints are functionality of bashecplise and not shelled.

  • Here is the link for you to comment convertir un fichier openoffice en pdf. Hope this gives you a start on rasteredge page rasteredge

  • Works on Mars when using the update URL ('install new software'):

  • Nice to have this plugin.

  • Works well with Eclipse Luna 4.4.1

  • I recently discovered ShellEd, very nice editor ! Thank you for your hard work !

  • Thanx for that great work. - I've seen that the syntax colors now are customizable - same for tab policy 😎 - Indent (which was a little pain in previous versions) now working fine (testet in 2.0.3 under eclipse 4.4 luna)

  • I've also been using shelled for years. I wish they would make more updates to it, but it certainly does the job. I also wish it had a normal Eclipse update site instead of having to download the zip and connect it locally. I recently found a similar issue to the string index out of range issue seen by many people. In my case, it was caused by an embedded database call within the script similar to what follows: cat > $target_dir/data/reset_database.sql << EOF DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS reset_database(); CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION reset_database() RETURNS void AS \$BODY\$ DECLARE BEGIN TRUNCATE table1; TRUNCATE table2; TRUNCATE table3; TRUNCATE table4; TRUNCATE table5; TRUNCATE table6; TRUNCATE table7; TRUNCATE table8; TRUNCATE table9; TRUNCATE table11 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table12 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table13 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table14 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table15 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table16 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table17 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table18 CASCADE; TRUNCATE table19; TRUNCATE table20; TRUNCATE table21; TRUNCATE table22; TRUNCATE table23; TRUNCATE table24; TRUNCATE table25; TRUNCATE table26; TRUNCATE table27; TRUNCATE table28; TRUNCATE table29; TRUNCATE table30; TRUNCATE table31; TRUNCATE table32; TRUNCATE table33; TRUNCATE table34; END \$BODY\$ LANGUAGE plpgsql VOLATILE COST 100; ALTER FUNCTION reset_database() OWNER TO user; COMMENT ON FUNCTION reset_database() IS 'This function is designed to call all other clearing functions and reset the database to it''s initial clean state.'; EOF

  • I've been using this great plugin for a few years now off and on. It's quite nice to have! Thank you for the hard work! :)

  • Nice tool. Easy in use.

  • Cool & pretty

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  • YES! I fount it. It's very useful app. THanks, shelled!

  • Cool software!

  • ShellEd makes life much easier

  • Use this all the time.

  • Have been using ShellEd for sometime now, from Galileo to Juno, still a great tool and I use it daily... Thank You !

  • The best program that I've ever used.

  • Great job!

  • ShellEd is great project. Thanks!

  • very convenient plugin for writing shell scripts! Thanks!

  • Thank you for your work! This is great project! A must-have if you're writing bash scripts.

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