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  • thank you, good project

  • Very nice.

  • Nice.

  • I still can't believe such a magnificent project is offered for free. It is so much smaller and easier to install than Microsoft Visual Studio Community edition, while offering almost all features I could wish for. It allowed me learn C# and make numerous programs at work. Thank you for your hard work and excellent results, SharpDevelop Team!

  • This is a great alternative to visual studios. Light weight

  • Very nice IDE for C#/F#/VB/ASP.NET. Great ease and design. Being open source and have a lot of documentation, it has very good support but is missing code completion for VB. Has a easy-to-use form builder. Overall very good .NET IDE! Much recommended for aspiring .NET developers!

  • Excellent

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  • IlSpy is a nice tool and it works fine. But I cannot start ILSpy Debugger on my Windows 10 x64 machine:

  • That's beneficial

  • Thats beneficial

  • I love SharpDevelop I use it to develop in Python and the GUI designer works perfectly.

  • Really great software that is well maintained :D

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  • good

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  • excellent IDE!

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  • great soft!

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  • Can't thank your team enough. When I was a startup and needed a professional grade IDE you were there! The low footprint, quickness and full of wonderful features are what makes SharpDevelop great. I've been following your product since the release for Framework 1.1. If it wasn't for SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop (now Xamarin Studio) wouldn't be the same. And lets not forget about one of the lesser known features, SharpDevelop Reports which was a huge help at my organization as well.

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  • afgdfgsfg

  • slow

  • A very great project. Very much competitive to Visual C# and can be treated as a lightweight alternative. It has some great functionality like code conversion between C# and VB.NET, is easy to use, and brilliant editing and code completion make it awesome. Give it a try if you need a lightweight yet functional, open-source, easy-to-setup, easy-to-use development environment for the .NET programming languages like VB.NET, C#, IronPython etc.,

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  • This project is excellent.

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  • I don't use SharpDevelop much, but have followed it since 1.0 because the code is just so damn good! The team has done an amazing job on a very complex project.

  • The NUnit integration alone makes this an excellent product.

  • It's the best IDE for C# - better than Mono!

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