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  • amazin

  • 7-Zip is a gift. I use it often. Best compression software I have used, even compared to commercial software. Low resources used, uncomrpresses almost anything.

  • Awesome tool. Everyone should have this installed. Suggestion: Maybe include file hash values on the Info/Properties screen. MD5 and SHA256 values would be nice. Powershell Get-FileHash computes these values. Nice as a check of downloaded file integrity.

  • awesome

  • The best and more reliable

  • 7-Zip is an awesome program to find and run things by. It merges Explorer and Finder. It can open nearly all folders of every type. It needs to find a way to open .text files, just as other hidden content. It would also be great to configure selected files with Notepad++. Besides that, it does awesome.

  • Easy to use unpacker. The best unarchiver after legendary WinRAR.

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  • I like 7-zip a lot, but here's a feature request: I just zipped a big folder, and the process used up 98% of my dual-quad-core CPU time, bringing the rest of my laptop to a screeching halt. I don't see any way of throttling the process, so that would be helpful. Thanks!

  • Everything is great. But the user interface could use some improvements.

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  • I have been using this program for a long time and greatly appreciate its new ability to handle symbolic links in Windows as I often use them and wish to back up my files to servers in other countries which means I want to compress them first. 7-Zip also seems to compress and decompress much faster than before which is helpful when you are compressing 45,000 files at once! (I think the fact that it doesn't list every one of these files as it compresses them is the big help. It just lists some of them, something like one file per second is listed.)

  • good, i satisfied.....

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  • very easy ,very fast

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  • Some basic knowledge of computing is required to use this program, but people who know what compression is and even consider using it, have much more than a basic knowledge, making this program great to use. Support is fast and informative. Design is seamless and it works well; both efficiency and fantastic at compression.

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  • Awsome

  • This kind of software is what makes Archives fun!

  • One of the best tools out there especially in terms of speed/performance

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  • After so many years it's hard to believe such a great project still misses basic features such as: - Adding objects to subfolders of an archive (Now it always adds them to the root folder of the archive) - Editing files directly on the archive without the need of extracting. (E.g.: Without ever extracting - Open archive, open a text file that exists in that archive, add a word, save and close the text file, having it updated on the archive without doing anything else) I was going to create a feature request, but since i can't i wrote a review! Sorry for such a low rate, but this are basic features to me........

  • Good Speed. Good Performance!!

  • Excellent archive tool

  • Far from being unusual, the information blackout, I mean + my question is so pertinent the more I scratched around looking for an answer the more I realized how it was just being avoided, certainly in a couple of tutorials I looked at which I'd hoped would spill the beans but didn't give what I wanted to know away. Anyway, you compress a file, size obviously being a concern, yet once it's 'zipped' how you find out it's new, + hopefully smaller, size I still couldn't tell you, which frankly, is ridiculous. I'm sure you can find out the size once it's been compressed, it's such a clearly necessary + relevant piece of information it's surprising it should be such a mystery, what isn't, is my inability to find a source where I might find an answer, information is very often hard to find in the field of 'Information Technology', I'd say, maybe I just look in the wrong places????

  • Works perfectly and all systems i have tested so far (Windows Vista - Windows 10) Good compression and excellent windows integration Virus total report ( 9bb4dc4fab2a2a45c15723c259dc2f7313c89a5ac55ab7c3f76bba26edc8bcaa ) 0/56 (that is 0 of 56 virusscanners detects virus)

  • Excellent. Period.

  • Really nice!!

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