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  • version 17.12 stable should be released now...humbly request... year 2017 is waiting for stable relese of v.17 ...seriously ...i wan't it... i need it...

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  • Still no answer to our technical question.... How can we send you a photo which explains the problem?

  • Far from being unusual, the information blackout, I mean + my question is so pertinent the more I scratched around looking for an answer the more I realized how it was just being avoided, certainly in a couple of tutorials I looked at which I'd hoped would spill the beans but didn't give what I wanted to know away. Anyway, you compress a file, size obviously being a concern, yet once it's 'zipped' how you find out it's new, + hopefully smaller, size I still couldn't tell you, which frankly, is ridiculous. I'm sure you can find out the size once it's been compressed, it's such a clearly necessary + relevant piece of information it's surprising it should be such a mystery, what isn't, is my inability to find a source where I might find an answer, information is very often hard to find in the field of 'Information Technology', I'd say, maybe I just look in the wrong places????

  • hilarious! the download for 7zip is in the 7zip format. i can install it as long as i have 7zip already installed. what genius did this?

  • The range of features and compression capability is out of question, also it is under 2 MB after installation so 7zip is just a MUST. However, developers here are just doing what they want without listening to features required by users (In my opinion that's the reason why other zip utilities are more popular), I imagine they spending nights for gaining 1% compression rate wihtou increasing usability (seriously, I can't imagine why no one forked 7zip to redesign it a bit). Issues: 1) Most websites (95%) provide only Md5 and Sha-1 checksums (because are cheaper I guess), those checksums are not secure as Sha-256, but if 7zip does not provide any checksums for those websites then the result is that user cannot do checksum wich is totally safeless (seein developers answering "install a Md5 utility" is a bit irritating). Also if the excuse for not adding MD5 and SHa-1 is that they are not secure, then just remove CRC too (wich is redundant since downloads from TCP connections already have CRC at TCP protocol level). 2) Allow copypasting to clipboard of checksums of file manager for make comparing easy 3) File manager is obsolete, use native folder browsing for each OS, it is much faster reliable and also make possible to users make use of their shortcuts and settings (this is also a question of accessibility, what if someone is using bigger fonts because visually impaired while 7 zip file manager still have small fonts? that force him to use the magnifier). 4) Allow decompression of tar.gz at once with 1 command. How difficult is wrap 2 sequential commands as 1?

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  • True the compression ratio is great but.. this app has major issues that havent been addressed in years and are blatently obvious to any windows user. The compression thread priority appears to be set at the same level as the window thread making it unresponsive or ludicrously slow. FYI the gui should always be > or at least = to the packing thread. The gui looks as if it was written by adding toolbar buttons to a msvc6.0 template. Ie. Bad. This compression app deserves a better gui if it is ever to be as useable as winrar/winzip. Try winrars shell extentions for an example of user configured usablity. Please stop squezzing 0.00021blah% more compession out of it and deal with the UI please.also while it gets slightly better compression than winrar it is MUCH slower at packing. Id Love to love it but i dont. Sorry.

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  • Stable, reliable, fast and functional. However, it has some neglected flaws: -no support for UAC -drag 'n' drop causes files to extracted and then copied, which is very slow -Doesn't have a function for running an installer from an archive

  • This Tool Is A Legend Its Extreme Popular but Still Having Problems With Iso Files !

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  • Amazing, 7-Zip even decompressed a 29 GB file which WinZip and WinRar were not able to do!