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  • 7-Zip is amazing! The compression/decompression is fast, it always beats zip, and usually beats RAR in terms of compressed file size. And it's free. And a note for those reading reviews. I saw a 1-star review because the installer is not signed by a Microsoft Authenticode certificate. This is FOSS (Free Open Source Software)! Do you know how much a certificate costs? 200-400 USD per year. Igor puts a ton of time into this project and gets very little, if anything from donations.

  • 7-zip was very highly recommended to me, so I downloaded it. When I went to install it, the first thing I saw was a message that the publisher is unverified and did I want to proceed? well, these days if there is any question about security, you don't want to install something that gives you a warning like that. So I deleted it. Too bad. My friend said it is a great product and he does not know why it is giving that warning message. Feedback would be app[reciated. Please let me know if this will change soon.

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  • The best application to extract and create compressed folders.

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  • Congratulations, the project is wonderful.

  • Sure, it could be faster - or not really - it just takes a lot of time and we're getting used to stuff happening instantly. I can't really compare 7zip with anything else any longer, as 7zip is THE standard - basic software that I compulsory install on any PC I come across - old favourites like WinRAR etc. have been nearly forgotten. I don't find it 'aesthetically pleasing', but visual design of fantastic and efficient utilities is fully irellevant (IMHO). Wouldn't know about support - never had an issue. Dear Mr Pavlov, Many thanks and kind regards!

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  • best open-source exe'k

  • Great

  • Best of its kind.

  • version 17.12 stable should be released now...humbly request... year 2017 is waiting for stable relese of v.17 ...seriously ...i wan't it... i need it...

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  • It is just excellent and it's free. It's compatible with most of the O.S. It's flexible, I love it.

  • Standard

  • Good option to winzip and winrar

  • Great.

  • Dope

  • Always loved 7zip, but this update does exactly what?

  • Very efficient and effective tool for creating and extracting archives (zip). It is very easy to use through simple UI and context menu options (right-click menu). Though the UI is not as colorful or explanatory as some archiving programs, its speed (near instant start up and archiving) and ease of use well makes up for that. This is definitely the best archiving program around! The only disadvantage of 7zip (and why i do not give it 5 stars) is that (as of v 9.2.0) if you modify an archived file and are not in the same directory as the file (when you save it) the program crashes (and you loose the modifications you made to the file, which has cost me some time). Also if you delete files in 7zip they do not go to the trash but are deleted permanently. But these two are both very rarely problematic and so i highly recommend this program.

  • Best replacement for winrar / winzip. Great working on several windows versions.

  • Still no answer to our technical question.... How can we send you a photo which explains the problem?

  • Owesome! Lightweight and Useful.

  • An excellent compression program that's easy to use and have never had a problem with it.

  • amazin

  • 7-Zip is a gift. I use it often. Best compression software I have used, even compared to commercial software. Low resources used, uncomrpresses almost anything.

  • Awesome tool. Everyone should have this installed. Suggestion: Maybe include file hash values on the Info/Properties screen. MD5 and SHA256 values would be nice. Powershell Get-FileHash computes these values. Nice as a check of downloaded file integrity.

  • awesome

  • The best and more reliable

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