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  • After so many years it's hard to believe such a great project still misses basic features such as: - Adding objects to subfolders of an archive (Now it always adds them to the root folder of the archive) - Editing files directly on the archive without the need of extracting. (E.g.: Without ever extracting - Open archive, open a text file that exists in that archive, add a word, save and close the text file, having it updated on the archive without doing anything else) I was going to create a feature request, but since i can't i wrote a review! Sorry for such a low rate, but this are basic features to me........

  • Well, we all know that 7-Zip is very good archiver, but in only one aspect: the compression ratio. And sadly, in all other aspects it is pretty crappy tool... What am I talking about? All my negative impression comes from that ridiculously minimalistic GUI design and all its limited functions. Damn, this archiver is really old already but it still doesn't have even half of the functions of WinRAR. WinRAR is superior in everything what touches usability, but 7-Zip looks like an pre-alpha tool. And there is no excuse, that 7-Zip is completely free, but it simply shows author's attitude to his creation. This is very very bad, if you ask me, actually, this is just horrible... And laughable.

  • As good as this program used to be, it also hasn't been updated in 3 years (9.22), even though 9.32alpha is around the corner. In addition still doesn't handle MSI extraction correctly. Are we ever going to see a working update?