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  • Good option to winzip and winrar

  • Very efficient and effective tool for creating and extracting archives (zip). It is very easy to use through simple UI and context menu options (right-click menu). Though the UI is not as colorful or explanatory as some archiving programs, its speed (near instant start up and archiving) and ease of use well makes up for that. This is definitely the best archiving program around! The only disadvantage of 7zip (and why i do not give it 5 stars) is that (as of v 9.2.0) if you modify an archived file and are not in the same directory as the file (when you save it) the program crashes (and you loose the modifications you made to the file, which has cost me some time). Also if you delete files in 7zip they do not go to the trash but are deleted permanently. But these two are both very rarely problematic and so i highly recommend this program.

  • 7-Zip is an awesome program to find and run things by. It merges Explorer and Finder. It can open nearly all folders of every type. It needs to find a way to open .text files, just as other hidden content. It would also be great to configure selected files with Notepad++. Besides that, it does awesome.

  • I like 7-zip a lot, but here's a feature request: I just zipped a big folder, and the process used up 98% of my dual-quad-core CPU time, bringing the rest of my laptop to a screeching halt. I don't see any way of throttling the process, so that would be helpful. Thanks!

  • I'm a huge fan of 7z. Good compression ratio and easy to use. One bummer is though, the poor mac support, or rather the lack thereof. I could get my hands on the command line version for mac, but it's compiled by somebody else, so is it outdated or not? (Another bummer is that I need an .so file on Mac. When called with full pathname, that .so works. For my own easy I placed 7z in a path dir, but that did not work the way it should. It can then not find the path any more). Not much of a problem for a command line user like me (since archiving on Mac through the GUI has never been worked out the way it should, no matter which archiver you have) :)

  • Excellent - performance and desing

  • Great program. But can't you make a better UI? Looks very ugly. File manager is also so poor. Many people have requested you for so many years but you have done nothing. Please make a better UI like that of Windows file manager. A better UI will increase the users and you will get more support as well. So please make a better UI soon.

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  • 7zip is a great product but it's being pushed so covertly and heavily by so many sites, many of the supposedly very reliable, and even purchases apps, I refuse to use it. I never know what some download may do to my current install and thus avoid it. Yes, I have used it before all the crap pushing started and from what I can see it is still a great app. Can't the miscreants behind all that be crushed somehow?

  • Great

  • I've given this 4 stars Because I HAD to give it SOMETHING... I'm (Virtually) a Complete beginner to the internet And I've got some 'compressed'/'zipped' files/folders in my (Win7 32 bit) "My Documents" & I Think I've read Somewhere that installing this Will help me 'Open' (ie read) them - I HOPE I was right - Cos I Really dont know WHERE to begin my studies/learning.... :) - I Dont know How to contact 'support'..... :( Thanks

  • @botenannie: Don't know what you are talking about... we are using 7-Zip on hundreds of Windows 7 PCs (x32+x64) without any problems. 7-Zip is fast, lightweight and free, so I'll give 4 Stars

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  • Strong library. I never rate perfect because there's always room for improvement. Even when there's not, we should demand excellence from ourselves and our colleagues.

  • when new wersion?

  • The best archiver i've ever known. No bugs, pretty fast, just sometimes a uncompression which fails.

  • Far faster than Window's built-in support for ZIP files; this is one of the first utilities I install when setting up a new computer.