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  • THIS FUCKING BITCH CONTAINS THIS--------> Trojan.Lethic.Win32

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  • Warning: October 2015 :: this install frigs with your browser home page and other things. Without asking.

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  • Broke my computer's ability to download zip files. Almost like a virus: very difficult to remove after destroying your computer's settings (despite multiple attempts to uninstall). I've been struggling with this system for over a month, trying to get things back to normal and I still can't download a zip file as a zip file. Came here and created this account specifically to warn people to stay away.

  • DANGER: I have recently discovered that 7-zip has been transferring data over the internet. The Creator Igor Pavlov has not explained. This application first appeared on the internet December 7 2010. My concern is this. 1. Nearly impossible to remove. 2. Unexplained internet usage. 3. Russians have been having a hay-day with American personal pictures and videos and using them for entertainment that is believed to be stolen from people's computers. (in the recent news). Is there a connection? I am very concerned there is a connection. This very well could be a source of information that is taken from people's PCs and delivered right into the hands of people you don't want the to have. I do not side with the reviews here on this application at all. People need to understand that Free is NEVER Free. You have to pay something. Often it's your email address and get spam. Your costs for FREE stuff. Sometimes FREE stuff costs a lot more. This one seems to have a very high price. Consumer be warned.

  • 7Zip does not handle Windows junctions or symbolic links at all. I see this has been reported in your bug list years ago, but nothing has been done about it.

  • Still no RAR5 support.

  • This program is a piece of shit. Didn't open basic files or basic operations. If it doesn't work for Windows 7, it should say so.

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  • Does not extract properly with Windows 8.1

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  • I have an archive that I share with others. I periodically make changes to the source files that have been archived, so I need to update the archive with these changed files. 7-Zip seems to lack this most fundamental feature of a file archiving program - The ability to simply update the archive contents with source files that have changed or added to the directories present in the archive, since the time the archive was originally created. This feature is found in every other Zip like archive program I've ever used. But if it's part of 7-Zip, they've gone out of their way to hide it.

  • Can 7-zip be neater and more beautiful?

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  • Great archive only now and I use them all the advice.

  • Excellent software. Covers all my archive file needs. Easier to use than WinZip or WinRar. Thank you!

  • Thanks very good project! +

  • 7-Zip is a classic software for archieving, and it works fine, but I personally prefer RAR :)

  • Please release the latest version. We are waiting for some thing new and improved. It's very better than WinRAR and WinZip. bcdalai

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  • Its very old program. Today use WinRar or something else. I think...

  • The software is great except the pathname handling is terrible. It's impossble to reliably store a full path name in the compressed file.

  • it didnt work

  • MSI of a beta version does not work on old processors AMD, for example AMD Athlon XP, 1533 MHz (11.5 x 133) 1800+ it is a pity!, it is a shame!

  • The instruction for building lzma is FUCKING obscene! I've been using linux for years and haven't seen such sorry as instructions since about 1997!!!

  • When there are RAR files spiltted into many single files 7-zip cant exctract the content, it creates an error. This stops me from not using WinRAR :(

  • bogglingly unwieldy, confusing and not consistent from release to release. Actually had to go back 3 or 4 versions from time to time when ADDing options to my archive script. Makes otherwise simple, familiar tasks difficult and unfamiliar.

  • dangerous bug report.

  • Be VERY careful in using 7-Zip with secure information. Program has logic bugs and IS NOT SECURE. See mine & others bug reports.