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# Open run_serial_to_tcp.bat (or in a text editor (Notepad, WordPad, etc.) and enter the serial port parameters: -q -p COM1 -b 9600 —-rtscts -P 12500 -n mygs_radio [--clientmode -u -U 13500] [-F serial_data.bin 023111 18:30:59 5 80] * -q suppresses non-error messages * -p COM1 specifies the serial port (e.g COM1, /dev/ttyS0, etc.) * -b 9600 specifies the serial port baudrate (e.g. 9600, 38400, etc.) * —-rtscts enables hardware flow control * -P 12500 specifies the TCP port to open communications with either a local or remote client. This will be referenced when configuring the beacon decoding client. * -n myserialport specifies a port-specific identification for this serial port in the log files * --clientmode configures the program to act as a TCP client and forward all data to an upstream server * -u specifies the upstream server name to forward all traffic * -U 13500 specifies the upstream server port to forward all traffic * -F serial_data.bin 023111 18:30:59 5 80 queues serial_data.bin to be transmitted on the serial port on Feb 31, 2011 at 18:30:59 UTC. It does this 80 consecutive times at 5 second intervals # Save run_serial_to_tcp.bat (or and exit the text editor. # Run run_serial_to_tcp.bat (or A new window will appear. If everything is working correctly, it should display "Waiting for connection on 12500…".
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