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CasaDelGato Sensible Email http://www.CasaDelGato.Com/SensibleEmail.html Mailto: SensibleEmail@CasaDelGato.Com Version 1.2.0 Requires Java 1.6 to be installed. (and in the path) Notes on Usage: Right-Click is your Friend! (lots of things in right-click menus.) Normally, the Email Server process will be started by the GUI when you launch it, and shutdown when you exit. If you want to have the server process running at all times, you can start it first. If the GUI finds the Server process already running, it will use it, and not shut it down on exit. Starting the Server: java -jar EmailServer.jar Stopping the Server: java -jar EmailServer.jar -shutdown SPAM handling: The SpamAssassin "spamd" tool is supported. You need to install SpamAssassin and the spamd tool for it, then set the path to the "spamd" executable in the SPAM Preferences dialog in Sensible Email. For Windows, you can get SpamAssassin spamd from: http://www.jam-software.com/spamassassin/ For Linux, use: http://spamassassin.apache.org/index.html If your ISP does spam classification for you, and puts the score into a header field, that can also be used for SPAM classification rules. (see Preference settings) Message Flow: The message processing flow for SensibleEmail is a little different from other EMail applications. 1) Do Spam Analysis, Update msg headers, Tag with SPAM or Fishy 2) Process "First" filters 3) Process Account Specific - First filters 4) Process General filters 5) Process Account Specific Last filters. 6) Perform "TAG Set on a Message" specified actions. (SPAM is handled by Tags) You can create your own Filters and Groups of filters in the Filters panel. The normal processing is that if a message makes it all the way through the filter chain, and has NOT been added to a folder, it will then be added to the default INBOX folder. Note that when you create a new email account, you can have it create an Account Specific inbox, and a filter will be added to the "Account Specific - Last" filter group to move any messages that haven't been added to any other folders, into the Account Specific folder. There is one special case. If a Filter adds the msg to the "Trash" folder, then the msg is automatically removed from all other folders, and no more Filters will be applied to the message. The only exceptions to this are if any Tags were applied BEFORE it was added to TRASH, those tag actions will still be applied. AFTER all the Filters have been run, then the actions defined by the Tags are run. This allows you to do things like add some messages to a TODO folder (by tagging with TODO), but still have them end up in the appropriate INBOX as well. Tags Tags are far more than just a way to highlight a line in the message list. They can be used to set the colors and font for each individual column, AND can do certain actions on a message when they are added or removed from a message. Look in the preferences at the Tag configuration. The default SPAM tag is fairly complex. When you set the SPAM Tag on a message, it will be added to the SPAM folder, and removed from all other folders. When you remove the SPAM Tag from a message it gets taken out of the SPAM folder, and added to the system default INBOX. Note that this is just the default configuration. You can change it any way you want. Change History: 1.2.0 - 3/20/2013 Handle missing/invalid From: address Fix problems when trying to drag-n-drop re-order Filters Add way to specify where to put a new filter from Filter wizard Improve handling of invalid message content parts add "-OffLine" option to starting server process Added "Account Specific - First" filter support (oops!) Change History: 1.1.0 - 2/5/2013 Add support for more incorrect Date formats Fix problem with forwarding msgs that have attachments Fully support SpamAssassin spamd Change History: 1.0.3 - 10/14/2012 Fix several more long delays in msg reading Fix "Find Prev" in list view (right click), disable Next/Prev buttons as needed Fix handling of Sent msgs being added to Sent folder (was being duplicated) Switch to daily rolling log files Add Name to From: field on sent msgs Change History: 1.0.2 - 9/26/2012 Fix various problems with right-click Search in Message lists Increase VM size Fix long delays when adding msgs to folders with thousands of msgs in them Fix occasional NPE when switching between folders being displayed Prevent POP3 reader from hanging when something causes a long delay during msg processing Change History: 1.0.1 - 7/14/2012 Fix occaisional partial load of initial msg list view Switch Unread Folder view to a separate view from the full Folder list Add Icons for Window Layouts Add Recent Folder view Add right-click menu to Unread Folder View Fix infinite loop when changing message signature Fix problem when attempting to move a msg to a folder it's already in Add List Folders a Msg is In to the msg list popup menu "Move to Trash" in a filter now shortcircuits remaining filters, removes msg from all folders. Change History: 1.0.0 - 6/10/2012 Detect attempt to send Email to nobody Add BCC support Fix error handling in SMTP sending Add "Resend" message to just send it again. Fix several Printing bugs for Plain Text msgs. Handle long lists of attachments on incoming messages. Cleanup HTML format replies Add Print for HTML messages More logging fixes Upgrade to JavaMail 1.4.5 Change History: 0.9.9 - 6/3/2012 Don't include old headers when forwarding email Handle long To: and CC: lists Add popup menu support for To: and CC: addresses Fixed version update checking Fixed log handling Change History: 0.9.8 - 5/12/2012 Added automatic version update check. Reply to HTML msgs should always work now. Fix sporadic ConcurrentModificationException Clean up status msg when fetching email Change History: 0.9.7 - 5/6/2012 New startup image Fix "Create Filter from Msg" to use the displayed text for the filter New messages now get a signature Focus is remembered when switching to/from a msg view Add Status bar display of current message list name and count "Mark All msgs read" will also fix the unread count if it has gotten out of sync. Fix imbedded image handling so that HTML msgs will preview correctly more often Add "Folders msg is in" column Add close button to image preview tabs Double click in text msg will now select entire url or email address Add text msg view, right click to open URL or Send email to selected Finally got hung POP3 process detector working, and restarting process Change History: 0.9.6 Added setting for default Account to use when sending new Messages Fix a build issue for most builds Handle lists of From/To addresses that have embedded quotes Add code to attempt recovery from hung POP3 sessions Change History: 0.9.5 Fixed a build configuration issue. Properly update msg selection when deleting msgs from other views Fix selecting row 0 after mstg deleted added Text preview Improved response time on Large folders Added Open Attachment in External program Add In-Reply-To: header for threading SendQueue is now persisted in DB Fix bug when searching in Msg bodies Fix handling of corrupt attachments Handle bad/invalid msg bodies Fix but in To address handling when sending msgs Add Deadman timer to detect hung POP3 sessions Change History: 0.9.0 A bunch of little bug and performance fixes Added useful Status line information with Server activity history Added Email Signature block support Added SPAM and Fishy toolbar buttons Auto expand folder tree when unread only Better validation on TO and CC addresses when sending email Print and Delete Contacts added Add Contact Group to sort options on Contacts view Correct problems with Spam Score calculations, and sorting by Spam Score Fix bug where Text display was done for msgs with no plain text body Don't choke on blank SPAM tags Detect when Server is up, no hard coded wait Move Logging to known port Change History: 0.8.1 2/19/2012 - Split Server app to separate project/jar 2/19/2012 - Check Now now checks all valid accounts, not just one of them. 2/19/2012 - Update to HSQLDB 2.2.8 2/19/2012 - Added database rebuild from Backup and script files 2/19/2012 - Slow down msg list loading a bit to make system more responsive 2/17/2012 - Switch to socket-based logging 2/17/2012 - Fix Search dialog layout, show date of msgs being searched 2/17/2012 - Search/Filter eqn editor - And/Or button initializing 2/15/2012 - Remove self from ReplyToAll recipients 2/15/2012 - A wad of little bug fixes and performance improvements. Initial Version: 0.8.0
Source: ReadMe.Txt, updated 2013-03-21

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