S.E.E.R. 2 is a full featured SCADA / Historian / Aggregate Analysis System developed to work as a 'front end' for mod_openopc. Written in pure PHP (HTML 4.01 Transitional), and driven by a web-based user interface for universal deployment.


  • ... as of the January 2011 snapshot - English, French, and Spanish languages are available.
  • ... as of July 2012 - Public Release of full version 1.5.2 revision 'a' is live. Tons of bugfixes and additions, along with full 'export to PDF' capability included, and a standardized font structure. Plugins and other goodies too numerous
  • ... as of March 2014 - minor bug fixes.
  • ... as of November 2016 - 1-6.0 is a very large update for current platform functionality... it is tested against Python 2.7 32bit, MySQL 5.7 64bit, Apache 2.4.23 64bit, and PHP 7.0.12 64bit. Operating System compatibility is typical (and tested for) RHEL Linux (6.x, 7.x) and Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2012. Phpsysinfo is yet again updated to latest version for interoperability. Due to platform updates (base PHP mainly), this release breaks compatibility with components from previous releases, which means if you're going to update to SEER 1-6.0 or later, you must update the entire package, and migrate over ONLY your configuration files (and check them against the samples provided for any changes).

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