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SDCC Binary Kit Install Help ---------------------------- For Linux users: ================ To install: * Extract the binary kit to a temporary directory. This will create a new directory called 'sdcc-3.x.0' in the temporary directory. cd ~ mkdir tmp cd tmp tar xjf path/to/binary/kit/sdcc-3.x.0-i386-unknown-linux2.5.tar.bz2 * Change to the sdcc directory and copy all files to /usr/local cd sdcc-3.x.0 cp -r * /usr/local This will install sdcc binaries into: /usr/local/bin/ header files into: /usr/local/share/sdcc/include/ non-free header files into: /usr/local/share/sdcc/non-free/include/ library files into: /usr/local/share/sdcc/lib/ non-free library files into: /usr/local/share/sdcc/non-free/lib/ and documentation into: /usr/local/share/sdcc/doc/ You can test the install by entering: /usr/local/bin/sdcc -v This should return sdcc's version number. Even if the default search paths look into /usr/local, sdcc is fully relocatable. Try `sdcc --print-search-dirs` if you have problems with header or library files. See sdccman.pdf for more detailed information.
Source: README_linux.txt, updated 2014-04-11