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  • the amount of work that has gone into this is absolutely staggering. I don't think it is being updated anymore and there are some modifications that need to be made but I have to give 5 stars just for the fact that it is so close to perfect. It took me a wile to figure out how to change what skills are shown on the character sheet (its a drop down in the skills page) and the oracle class has some incorrect favored class stats (fixable by unhiding favored class page) but all in all I love it.

  • Downloaded this character generator to create a gestalt PF character. However, the newer versions freeze my entire computer and I can't even Ctrl+Alt+Delete out of it. I have to reset my computer. Version 6.19.0 does work on my computer but doesn't seem to have the gestalt option. Would love to give this character generator a higher rating but I just can't until the 'Not Responding' and freezing issue gets fixed.

  • Near perfect tool. New versions crash, so I use 6.19.0, as it's mostly up to date (missing Adv. Class Guide) and runs well on my older laptop. Aside from that, the product itself is wonderful freeware and the developer (Adam?) should be thanked for his great work on this. I can't help but wonder if it might be good to break out many of the data aspects into tab-delimited text files (a file for rogue talents, a file for traits, and so on), so that it could be checked into Github as a text-based project, and then all of us could help revise/correct the data -- then Adam can import those sheets in for each build. In any case, thank you tons for the product! It helps tons!

  • I have mid-range system (i5, 8GB RAM) and it runs a little slow. The macros take a second or two when changing things. This is to be expected, it's crunching a huge amount of data. Some content is not present (Campaign traits, for example). I've entered a ticket for this. Those negatives aside, this is a stellar product that keeps track of almost everything. The sheets it generates are well organized, and all the data is present, so you can see where the numbers came from. I recommend this highly.

  • Good working project, little buggy at time but all in all a great tool for DM and players.

  • This is one of the best software I have ever used. Its very easy with lots useful features

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Overall it is very useful, and great for letting you know what you need to do at each level. However, with updates, the import tool has yet to work for me Also, it can be glitchy on certain pages, where you enter data and it suddenly removes the merge and shows the value entered twice. Also can be very slow and unresponsive to changes. Great so far, maybe just a little too large a file and lags quite a bit.

  • Good and useful software

  • Freezes Open Office 3.4.1. Needs an ODS version.

  • Awesome tool. The only downside is its reliance on MS Excel, which I don't own for my personal PC, so I could just test it on my company laptop... are there any plans to make this available as a standalone tool?

  • Like this tool, thanks!

  • Great tool

  • It's an awesome project and a massive undertaking. My group and I really appreciate the work you are doing, and we will continue to use this CharGen in the future.

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  • It's Awesome!!

  • It is a great character tracker. You need Microsoft Excel for it to function properly. With a little bit of effort I was able to add the details for a Kitsune Trickster, which appears to still be in progress.

  • Thanks! Its Great!

  • Awesome! Good project!

  • Very useful indeed, although it would be nice if it had a spellbook page, something that shows spells per day/known spells per level with extra space for players to write down the actual spells they know as a quick reference sheet. Especially witch Patron spells, as many are not in a witch's regular spell list.