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  • A very powerful pipeline tool that specializes in software construction. A breathe of fresh air from old Make-based systems with little automated dependency handling and the ugliness of M4 scripting. Once you have constructed the primary build file, simple libraries and binary compilation only takes a few lines of SCons API commands. Automated dependency validation ensures efficient, consistent, highly-parallel, builds. SCons API is very extensible; thus, supporting user toolchain additions with a bit of python foo. I have used SCons for 2-3 years and added custom toolchain for source generators and various languages. The developer and list have been very helpful, and regularly active.

  • I installed Python 3.4 because it was required, but when I installed SCons, I couldn't find it on my computer. I thought it would be a program creator or something.

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  • Un software de desarrollo que me recuerda mucho a ruby en todas las fases de un proyecto web, así que supongo que las espectativas son altas y espero que sea un estandar porque la release promete, y mucho.

  • My favorite software construction tool!

  • Being able set up a build system in a language as expressive as Python is fantastic. A great solution for true multi-platform compatibility (i.e. native Windows tools as well as Posix-like systems). I only wish it were more widely used.

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  • Excellent tool!

  • I am used to many languages, but Python just sucks for a build tool. as a developer knowing C and c++ well enough to do what I need to do, getting into python to configure stuff is just bad. I rather use Qt or just plain makefiles. I downloaded a project using scons, but there is no way to get that compiled. it started of that zlib.h wasn't found even it was available in /usr/include

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Great software, thank you.

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  • Easy for use.

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  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • I loved it. Great works and no problems.

  • merci beaucoup

  • Nice

  • Yes great tool, works great.

  • Extremely Versatile - Available Cross-Platform

  • I always recommended!

  • great tool

  • The best software out there

  • It's soooo beautiful!

  • This is the way software is supposed to be!

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