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SciTE++ is an enhancement of SciTE (Scintilla-based Text Editor) which adds the following functionalities: - API files for some popular languages - Abbreviations for some popular languages - Automatic block completion for Pascal and C languages family - Auto expansion of control structures for C languages family - Indentation beautifier for C languages family - File manager, routines list (for some popular languages), and abbreviation list panel on the left side of editor - (X)HTML and CSS validator based on OpenSP - Micromodes (see scite-debug\scite_lua\micromode.lua) - Automatic JavaDoc completion - Header / Source switching for C/C++ - Debugging facility for some popular languages (with common debuggers) and many more Most of those functionalities are taken from lua scripts on\wiki (big thanks to all original authors) adapted to be used with scite-debug (which includes extman) and my own creazyvity (craziness + creativity ^_^). The project was started as a fork of SciTE Plus (, but since then never look back to it, except for the logo, as an appreciation for our (SciTE Plus' author and me) faculty. I hope you find this software useful and please report any bugs you find to Best Regards Mario Ray M. (aka leledumbo)
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