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  • SCIDB, well maintained in 2015, is a great free chess DB, all free alternatives considered. Ergonomy might be not 100%, e.g. first time users have to look hard until they find the clicks required to add a new game and retain it in a database (add-new-button, save game, save database = 3 manual steps). But sure SCIDB is not prealpha anymore, as the project homepage indicates. Compiled from sources, it runs quite well in Manjaro Linux, but sometimes it is required to use scidb-beta --dont-recover when it has crashed silently. Also it does not support scidb-beta -? but only --help instead. SCIDB is a great tool to colourfully annotate games and publish them as as a .PGN file and also has good query functions. The GUI is quite nice, though it could be simplified (have all NEWGAME + SAVE options in the main menu). If you work .pgn files, make sure you hit the "pencil diskette" icon twice, so your changes are saved. For native .sci databases, you do not have to click "pencil diskette" icon twice. And remember - very much like on sourceforge review section or yahoo poor mail, you are prevented from using the linefeed feature to make text well readable. The only explanation for this web policy by SF etc. is to force people into twitter-stupid-style and force a 'Bleiwüste' style for real people like you find in this very post.

  • great program with nice features. Works very well under Ubuntu 12.04LTS 32 and 64 bit as under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS32 and 64 bit. I tried it with Unity desktop without problems and now it runs under Mate desktop on my computers (one as an installation on an USB 32 Gbyte Stick).

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  • great project! Nice strategy game. thanks

  • great product

  • solid and simple work. thanks

  • super