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  • I haven't used it extensively, but I've found it to be quite intuitive and well featured. It's better than Sigmaplot, which my supervising professor uses, and so I have to, too. When I was left with only my Linux machine and a bunch of JNB (Sigmaplot) files completely inaccessible, I re-made the plots with SciDAVis. So having used both for the same (narrow) task, I'll make a brief comparison. SciDAVis felt more like a well thought out software, I especially liked the Data reader tool, and the fact that I didn't need to read through 10 pages of documentation to make an acceptable graph. Its dowsides are that it has just one style of dashed line and that setting up a plot for printing is quite a mess. Sigmaplot is more print-oriented, it makes a better use of the space in the page, and it always show the plot as it would appear on paper, kind of like a picture in a word processor. SciDAVis on the other hand keeps rescaling and adjusting graphs to the size of their windows and it's not clear what you'll get once printed. It behaves more like some sort of web applet which is not supposed to be printed. Sigmaplot (v12.5) is also pretty easy to use, although it misses some basic features like rearranging the order of legend items, and sometimes it gets overly complicated (like in running furmulas on data, for example). Also, you're forced to stick to Windows with Sigmaplot. In the end SciDAVis made me swear less than Sigmaplot (thinking that my university spent 400+$ on it makes me swear a lot), but it needs improvement on how it displays graphs, imo.

  • Unfortunately, I can't install the newly released scidavis-1.22.pkg. The message is " error-1"prevents installation of .pkg file.

  • Good software. Good substitute for Origin.

  • Very useful. I used it for several years in our company to visualize measured data.

  • Excellent sofware

  • Excelllent alternative to propietary software, so reliably and with many useful features to exploit in generic data processing.

  • Does not work on my machine; conflicts with qwt 5.2!

  • Dear rem666, to plot two curves with error bars (x and y) you must create an additional column to insert the x errors of the second data set, if such errors exist. Then plot the graph and go to "format" in menu, select the option "plot" and then select one column with data errors and click on "plot associations", in this option you can associate the error column with a column of data. I think that one thing could be improved, the options for graph export. If would possible to export figures in format eps or tif with high resolution, 600 dpi, it will be perfect.

  • It's a great software. Almost everything is there, so one can easily replace Origin with it. However there are some problems that I see: Columns do not automatically recalculate the values when the numbers in the columns they depend on are changed. You can not plot two curves with error bars on the same graph, the error bar is available only for the first curve (and this is very sad), probably it's a bag. Axis labels can not be moved. It is quite sad as well because they are very close to the axis. But in general it is very good software!

  • It is a very useful tool for research Nice work, THANK YOU

  • I am happy! The project is still alive! It is the best free program for data analyzing and plotting. I always recommend it to my colleagues.

  • Thanks High Performance Coder to get the project back up and running. This is one of the best open source plotting programs and it's good to see development.

  • great soft to work with nmr data! One of the best! Even better than gsim

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • Stable, full of great features and lightweight. This software is highly recommended!

  • And, it is free for us to use. Good tool. Thanks.

  • Best available!

  • An excellent example of lean, straight-forward open-source software.

  • An excellent example of lean, straight-forward open-source software.

  • This is the tool with the features, speed and stability for you.

  • Great work. Supports a lot of formats.

  • Really, the only way to go. This software rocks!

  • I think it is one of the best. I want to use some other fuction.

  • has always given me the power of choice, not to mention superb results.

  • The only tool needed - a must have.

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