New features with AN-2014-06-12: This is the first localization step for the schily source consolidation. Many programs now (hopefully) call gettext() for all strings that need localization. - The next step will include dgettext() calls for the libraries and the missing programs - The following step will include the extracted strings - The last step will include German translations and install support for the resulting binary message object files. ----------> Please test and report compilation problems! <--------- ***** NOTE: As mentioned since 2004, frontends to the tools should ***** ***** call all programs in the "C" locale ***** ***** by e.g. calling: LC_ALL=C cdrecord .... ***** ***** unless these frontends support localized strings ***** ***** used by the cdrtools with NLS support. ***** *** WARNING *** *** Need new smake *** *** Due to the fact that schily-tools 2014-04-03 introduced to use new macro *** expansions and a related bug fix in smake, you need a new smake *** to compile this source. To ensure this, call: cd ./psmake ./MAKE-all cd .. psmake/smake psmake/smake install WARNING: the new version of the isoinfo program makes use of the *at() series of functions that have been introduced by Sun in August 2001 and added to POSIX.1-2008. For older platforms, libschily now includes emulations for these functions but these emulations have not yet been tested thouroughly. Please report problems! The new smake version mentioned above is smake-1.2.4 - Introduced a new date string for the Bourne Shell -V (printversion) option to mark the new vfork() capabilties. - Also save and restore "mypgid" when using vfork() as it is clobbered too and important for jobcontrol. This prevents the new Bourne Shell to stop with SIGTTIN when jobcontrol is enabled and vfork() was used. - Add comments to the case statements in the execute() function from xec.c for better readability. - Fixed a bug with vfork() and jobcontrol that may have caused the Burne Shell to believe there are no background jobs and to dump core when a vforked command was run directly after starting a background command. - Fixed an old bug in the Bourne Shell that caused the command: (cat /dev/null; cat /dev/null) | cat to hang when jobcontrol was enabled (set -m). Author: Joerg Schilling Seestr. 110 D-13353 Berlin Germany Email:, Please mail bugs and suggestions to me.