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  • I have found an answer in stackoverflo with a link with basic instrucctions about - how to use the tool? And is really amazing! I look for this question in SO ! tools to generate database tables diagram with postgresql? Thanks !

  • nice work

  • I was surprised at how awesome this tool is! As a DBA it keeps other people from asking me a thousand questions... I just point them at the web page!

  • A simple, quick, easy tool. Especially for postgres, this is a great help.

  • Just perfect tool for a db designer\analyst.

  • Exactly what all data/system analysts need! Simple and straightforward.

  • Great tool !

  • Perfect tool for MySQL visualization!!!

  • Great tool!

  • Looks really promising. I'm looking forward to gaining insights into a complex, normalised schema. So far I have successfully generated the output for a SQLServer DB with over 570 tables. The information provided is already proving useful.

  • Can I use this with Microsoft SQL Server 2008?

  • Superb! Fulfills the basic principle 'Does one thing and does it very well'. HTML-navigable links of relationships of tables to other tables, overview of entire structure with plenty of data. Great use of third party software Graphviz.

  • good job

  • It generates short and sweet entity-relationship model (ERM )reports. Just right tool for Developers/DBAs/Data Modelers. Excellent work. Thank you.

  • Simple to use, works just like it says

  • excellent project, a must have for any application developer

  • Very good tool!

  • Great tool; thanks.

  • SchemaSpy is one of the most polished, thought-through, elegant development tools and I enjoy using it!

  • Beautiful, useful diagrams. I heart SchemaSpy! I definitely recommend using the "high quality" graphics option.

  • Awesome, worked perfectly.

  • Just right. Excellent work.

  • I have a legacy Oracle database that the admin has moved on. I needed to extract the schema and learn the connections of the various tables. This software was extremely valuable and easy to use.

  • I have run this tool on Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit box against our Oracle (10gR2) DB server using 11gR2 client (jdbc jar files) for one of our production schema and I am really impressed. We are now planning to run this tool before each release of our scenario repository. Cool - way cool. And thank you John (developer). I highly recommend it. I am sure it will help any Oracle developer (not everybody has access to expensive tools ;) - this one is free :)