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The long-awaited 0.7.0 release. Here you can find the Windows installer, the Mac OS X package and the source code for other platforms. For a complete list of changes, please see the ChangeLog in the source package. NEW FEATURES - Added the missing bits to the no-voice versions of Mycon, Syreen and Utwig dialogue - New lander reports for Supox ruins and Ultron. The reports text is new content from TFB. - Added spoken Slylandro probe coordinates - Remixes are now selectable from the setup menu - Added a "safe mode", which will ignore settings. Useful if you've somehow wrecked your configuration files. - Added --addondir commandline option - Added --keepaspectratio to keep correct aspect ratio when using custom resolutions in OpenGL mode - New addon machanism allows greater flexibility for selecting which resource goes with which game element. - Joystick text input improved - Unicode strings now could theoretically support UCS-4 on all platforms - Experimental support for Symbian S60 3rd edition - Support for Windows CE - Added fullscreen/windowed toggle key F11 - Support for 3DO "ship spin" videos - Better location description in savegame summaries - Cancel key will now quit out of the Manifest Menu - Error boxes on MacOSX are now actually native to the OS - no need to check Console.app anymore. BUGFIXES - Properly account for simultaneous destruction in SuperMelee. - Ending a battle with a simultaneous death no longer triggers an assertion - Druuge no longer turn hostile after attempting a salvage - Fixed Mmrnmhrm's X-Form transformation without energy use - Fuel and distance estimates are now more accurate - Analog joysticks less sensitive to jitter - Cannot talk to Ilwrath with a 'caster anymore after they die off - Fixed enemy ships getting recrewed between encounters in HyperSpace - Old Windows installer was horribly obsolete; fixed now. - Fixed rendering error when entering the orbit of a shielded planet - Fixed planet blinking when exiting scan - Menu sounds restored after editing a control set name. - Fixed a freeze when quickly escaping melee. - Fixed misaligned cargo count - Fixed a crash when filling fuel tanks over 10 - Comm code rewrite, fixing a lot of minor annoyances - Team configuration in netplay no longer desyncs - Fixed Melee menu timeout when both sides are Cyborgs - Fixed AI ship not moving on warp in - Revert gfx settings entirely when a mode switch fails - Fix for weird colors problem on MacOSX with SDL 1.2.14 - Lander will no longer hang when killed on planets with a lot of natural disasters - Fixed crash when saving a game into the last slot while having too many devices on board - Fixed crashes and potential weirdness when loading savegames from a Homeworld encounter screen - Fixed a crash when conversing with music disabled - Extremely busy battle sequences (Orz vs. Orz with many space marines out, for instance) no longer introduces graphical glitches - Fixed rendering bug that would occasionally make a ship just be solid blue all the time - Objects in melee made of multiple "parts" no longer jitter during zoom - Fixed a crash on startup if uqm.cfg did not exist - Extremely rapid key presses will no longer be lost at low framerates - 3DO videos now work after a resolution change - OpenGL texture loading uses surface pitch instead of screen width, improving compatibility across older graphics cards. - Miscellaneous conversational typo and timing fixes - 999.9:999.9 is now reachable in HyperSpace - Do not match singular stars when given a prefix in star search - Fixed wrong Sa-Matra guards icons after Kohr-Ah win - Canceling load from the main menu returns to main menu - Gas giants can no longer have negative masses INTERNAL CHANGES - Code cleanup; many warnings removed - Massive changes to the way the resource system works. This is mostly interesting in that 3DO voices, 3DO videos, and 3DO music are now addon packs like any other. - Code reorganization; old stuff removed, new stuff better set-up - 32-bit graphics everywhere internally. - Refactored universe generation - Pthread support - Removed the 256-frame limit on .ani files
Source: ReadMe, updated 2011-07-04