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sbcl-1.1.8-x86-64-darwin-binary.tar.bz2.asc 2013-06-06 873 Bytes 0
sbcl-1.1.8-x86-64-darwin-binary.tar.bz2 2013-06-06 9.0 MB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-x86-64-windows-binary.msi 2013-06-05 11.8 MB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-x86-windows-binary.msi 2013-06-05 11.1 MB 0
README 2013-06-02 6.3 kB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-documentation-html.tar.bz2 2013-06-02 181.3 kB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-release-notes.txt 2013-06-02 6.3 kB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-source.tar.bz2 2013-06-02 4.1 MB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-x86-64-linux-binary.tar.bz2 2013-06-02 9.4 MB 0
sbcl-1.1.8-crhodes.asc 2013-06-02 597 Bytes 0
changes in sbcl-1.1.8 relative to sbcl-1.1.7: * notice: The implementation of MAP-ALLOCATED-OBJECTS (the heart of ROOM, plus a few SB-INTROSPECT functions) has been completely rewritten; it may now exhibit different bugs than before. * new feature: minimal runtime/compiler intrastructure support for SSE SIMD values, as SB-EXT:SIMD-PACK. Enabled on x86-64 via the build-time feature :sb-simd-pack. This should enable intrinsics extensions as libraries, without patching SBCL itself. Thanks to Alexander Gavrilov for maintaining a branch for so long. * enhancement: RUN-PROGRAM supports a :DIRECTORY argument to set the working directory of the spawned process. (lp#791800) (patch by Matthias Benkard) * enhancement: boxed vectors (vectors of T or of FIXNUM) can now be stack-allocated on PPC. * enhancement: "fixed objects" can now be stack-allocated on PPC. * enhancement: WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS no longer conses on PPC/GENCGC. * enhancement: (sb-introspect:find-definition-sources-by-name x :vop) now also returns VOPs which do not translate any functions, and finds defoptimizer types ir2convert and stack-allocate-result. * enhancement: better type derivation for APPEND, NCONC, LIST. (lp#538957) * enhancement: MAP-ALLOCATED-OBJECTS (the heart of ROOM) now walks the heap in a manner similar to the GC rather than its previous ad-hoc scheme, and is therefore no less and possibly more accurate. * fixes and enhancements related to Unicode: ** the character database information has been updated to Unicode 6.2; ** support for canonical and compatibility decomposition of characters has been added, along with support for primary composition; ** support for Unicode normalization forms of strings (NFC, NFKC, NFD and NFKD) has been included; ** querying the character database for code points not defined by Unicode gives less wrong answers (lp#1178038, reported by Ken Harris) * enhancement: print intermediate evaluation results for some ASSERTed expressions. (lp#789497) (patch by Alexandra Barchunova) * enhancement: x86-64 disassemblies are annotated with unboxed constant values when there are references to (RIP-relative) unboxed constants. * bug fix: type derivation for LOG{AND,IOR,XOR} scales linearly instead of quadratically with the size of the input in the worst case. (lp#1096444) * bug fix: handle errors when initializing *default-pathname-defaults*, sb-ext:*runtime-pathname*, sb-ext:*posix-argv* on startup, like character decoding errors, or directories being deleted. * bug fix: Loading a core with a discontiguous dynamic space now correctly computes the amount of dynamic space used. * bug fix: disassembler missing ",8" on SHLD * bug fix: backtracing through INTERNAL-ERROR signal handlers on systems that provide an "invalid" stack frame link for the signal handler itself now use the saved-fp-and-pc mechanism to pick up from the stack frame in the interrupt (signal) context. This is known to affect threaded FreeBSD/x86-64. * bug fix: some LOOP statements couldn't be compiled. (lp#1178989) * bug fix: sb-sequence:dosequence works on literal vectors. * bug fix: errors in generic arithmetic show the assembly routine's caller on x86 and x86-64. (lp#800343) * bug fix: Compile-time type errors should never result in COMPILE-FILE failure. (lp#943953) * bug fix: Known bad local calls do not cause strange failures when emitting or dumping code. (lp#504121) * bug fix: Multiply-inlined structure constructor don't cause IR2-time codegen errors: type checks are inserted as necessary. (lp#1177703) * bug fix: Unsigned modular arithmetic is correctly converted into signed modular arithemtic (mostly to exploit fixnum-width VOPs). (lp#1026634) * bug fix: a combination of inlined local function with &optional and recursion no longer causes undescriptive compiler errors. (lp#1180992) * bug fix: sub-word BOOLEAN alien types now disregard higher order bits when testing for non-zero-ness. * bug fix: (CONCATENATE 'null ...) no longer fails for generic sequences. (lp#1162301) * bug fix: Type mismatch for the value of conditional expressions are correctly reported when detected at compile-time, instead of complaining about a constant NIL (similar for non-EQ-comparable catch tags). * bug fix: Referring to INLINE global functions as values should not result in a compilation failure. (lp#1035721) * optimization: faster ISQRT on fixnums and small bignums * optimization: faster and smaller INTEGER-LENGTH on fixnums on x86-64. * optimization: On x86-64, the number of multi-byte NOP instructions used for code alignment is now always minimal. * optimization: On 64-bit targets, the compiler generates much faster code for type checks for types known at compile time that are smaller than (SIGNED-BYTE 64) or (UNSIGNED-BYTE 64) and larger than FIXNUM, and their COMPLEX variants. * optimization: On x86 targets, more uses of ALIEN-FUNCALL during cross compilation now inline the INVOKE-WITH-SAVED-FP-AND-PC dance. * optimization: ROOM no longer conses so egregiously on non-x86oid systems. * optimization: associative bitwise operations reassociate patterns like (f (f x k1) k2) to expose (f x (f k1 k2)). Same for + and * of rational values. * optimization: quasiquote expressions now perform more constant folding, instead of consing equal lists at runtime. (lp#1026439) * optimization: local call analysis of inlined higher-order function should converge more quickly, resulting in better code for complex functions. * optimization: On x86-64, medium (word-sized but wider than 32 bits) integer constants are handled more cleverly, especially when they can be represented as sign-extended (signed-byte 32). (Based on a patch by Douglas Katzman) * optimization: IF/IF conversion should reliably result in sane code when (some of) the results of the inner IF are always false or always true. * optimization: On x86oids, variable right shifts of machine words are compiled into straight SAR/SHR, instead of going through the generic VOP. (lp#1066204)
Source: README, updated 2013-06-02

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