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changes in sbcl-1.1.1 relative to sbcl-1.1.0: * enhancement: WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT no longer grabs the world-lock. (COMPILE and COMPILE-FILE still do.) * optimization: the SPARC backend now supports the precise generational (GENCGC) garbage collection. Enabled by default on Solaris/SPARC and Linux/SPARC. Thanks to Raymond Toy (via CMUCL). * enhancement: add experimental support for the SB-THREAD feature and the timer facility on Windows. Thanks to Dmitry Kalyanov and Anton Kovalenko. Threads are enabled by default, and this version of SBCL is considered to be the last and final release to officially support building with threads disabled. * optimization: The compiler no longer rotates loops in some cases where this transformation actually lead to worse code being generated. * bug fix: SB-CLTL2:MACROEXPAND-ALL correctly handles shadowing of symbol-macros by lexical bindings. * bug fix: stack allocation was prevented by high DEBUG declaration in several cases. * bug fix: SB-EXT:GC-LOGFILE signaled an error when no logfile was set. (thanks to SANO Masatoshi) * bug fix: PARSE-NATIVE-NAMESTRING performed non-native parsing when :JUNK-ALLOWED was true. * bug fix: type derivation inferred overly conservative types for unions of array types. (lp#1050768)
Source: README, updated 2012-11-02