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changes in sbcl-1.0.58 relative to sbcl-1.0.57: * enhancement: implicit generic function warnings now specify the package in which the new generic function is being created. * enhancement: SB-EXT:ATOMIC-UPDATE makes it easy to perform non-destructive updates of CAS-able places (similar to Clojure's swap!). * enhancement: run-program no longer decodes and re-encodes environment when :environment argument is not provided. (lp#985904) * enhancement: errors during compiler-macro expansion no longer cause runtime errors, only a compile-time warning, otherwise behaving as if the compiler macro had declined to expand. * optimization: On x86-64, code alignment of block headers is done with multi-byte NOPs now instead of repetitions of the single-byte NOP. * optimization: MAP-INTO is substantially faster when the target sequence is of unknown type; mapping into lists is no longer O(N^2). (thanks to James M. Lawrence) * optimization: the compiler no longer heap-conses to check exits in cases where the exit function is dynamic extent, or when it can prove the exit function cannot escape. * optimization: SB-SEQUENCE:DOSEQUENCE is faster on vectors of unknown element type, and vectors that aren't SIMPLE-ARRAYs. * optimization: CL:SORT and CL:STABLE-SORT are more efficient in execution speed (around 1/3 the time in some cases), and a little better in terms of comparison calls. (Thanks to Takeru Ohta) * bug fix: On SPARC, a limitation on the number of code constants emittable by the compiler has been lifted, allowing certain long functions to compiled and assembled which had previously been unsupported; fixes cl-bench on this ISA (lp#1008996). * bug fix: potential for infinite recursion during compilation of CLOS slot typechecks when dependency graph had loops. (lp#1001799) * bug fix: error forms reported with some program-errors were not escaped properly. * bug fix: functions from EVAL are now on more equal footing with functions from COMPILE. (lp#1000783, lp#851170, lp#922408) * bug fix: ENSURE-GENERIC-METHOD-COMBINATION accepts method combination objects as its :METHOD-COMBINATION argument, not just lists designating method combinations. (lp#936513) * bug fix: run-program no longer unconditionally uses /tmp/ for temporary files. (lp#968837). * bug fix: restore build on solaris/sparc. (lp#1008506) * bug fix: an issue with LDB in the PowerPC backend has been resolved; this fixes an issue found with cl-postgres (thanks to Tomas Hlavaty). * bug fix: compiler-macro lambda-lists specifying non-keyword symbols as keyword arguments no longer accidentally match unevaluated symbols against them. * bug fix: FORMAT used to loop infinitely in some cases when a COLINC parameter was zero, now it signals an error. (lp#905817, fixed since * bug fix: run-program with :pty t no longer makes the pty as the process's controling terminal.
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