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  • Very nice app but I'm having an error while choosing the destination disk for backup and therefore I can't backup externally. Im running Kubuntu 13.04 AMD_64. Maybe needs a 32 bit dependancy (ia32-libs is are installed) or should I expect a new rev.? TIA Simon

  • Thanks for Sbackup, it's good!

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  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • My Badluck unable to restore SBackup: While restoring backup showing error: One backup file size : 4.3Gb Backup Contains: etc home var storage but I selected var/lib/mysql then selected "Restore As" some location given then it started And it created one directory "tmpJ2Qk2j" but that directory contains zero. I tried it terminal: --command or tar -xvpf files.tgz -C /store/path This Command extracted "Home and etc" and it automatically terminated "tar: error is not recoverable: exiting now" Plz help me out from this issue. I need to restore lib directory.

  • Great software, thanks

  • It's has taken me a little time to understand how to best use it. However, it's already saved my butt as my workstation went on fritz and I just install Ubuntu 12.04... Great upgrade! It's growing on me by the day.

  • Runs smoothly

  • very convenient tool for backups creating!

  • very good project. Make backups every week - and you will be sure about your next crucial day. But we need update

  • very handy tool to create backups are very pleased with the availability of work on schedule

  • Thank you for your work! This is great software, very helpful, Fast and Easy!

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  • Perfect project, many thanks for showing

  • I have sbackup in dayly use and really like it. It has a status icon which indicates, that sbackup is active and which shows progress, etc. In fact the "run now" really runs a backup *now", of course in the background so that the configuration window can be closed. I make my backups to /var/backup and wrote a script, that moves the backup files to an external drive if i feel like it. That prevents my disk from running full.

  • Should only send email when log level is matched or exceeded.

  • Love to be able to use regular expressions to filter files.

  • As an Ubuntu newbie I just followed the recommended settings and a month later get the message that my root folder partition is full. With help from the Ubuntu forums I find that it is all the backups from this program!! I also can't get it to recognize my NAS drive which would be a much better destination. Very disappointed.

  • It's very good. I have been running it for about months and I have few qualms about it. But: (i) it needs to be able to really "Backup Now" when that is what you ask it to do, rather than going off and starting up a background job that gets executed when it feels like it. It is sometimes imperative to run "NOW". It shouldn't be too difficult to make that an option; (ii) It needs to present an icon to notify when it is active. This is fairly common for other systems and really helps the user know what is happening. (iii) It ought to be possible to provide access to a log that shows the backups performed ( a simple text file is all that is necessary) without having to go off and examine your filestore. Otherwise it is a great backup system if you don't have really complex needs. Recommended.

  • Already had to restore a file from a few weeks back, and it worked perfectly. Nice backup tool.