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  • Great distro! I like the openbox version, its fast. Great for programmers.

  • I love it! So very very fast and wonderful! My husband make me try on new laptop, he say "shame on you for only windows for so long". He helped put it on me new laptop. Salix goes very fast and so wonderful!. Many many good free programs there too. I learn useing it very soon. Most fastest laptop in the world! I think it may be magical. No windows now ever. I love salix! Thank you.

  • Outstanding!!! We've been using Salix installations exclusively since the beginning (2010) and we now have an installed base of 1400+ servers and workstations, every one of them exclusively running a version of Salix. Not a single issue or a failure in 6 years. - Enough said! So, look to Salix... and live and learn. - Slackware+Salix, that is how it's done! Again; Outstanding!!! p.s. Gapan at al, we owe you guys at least a house, each :-)

  • Please keep this project alive...

  • I was able to install the system, although the installer was not pretty, but understandable. After installation I was prompted to enter a username and password, although when installing I ticked the "log in automatically without entering a password". Unfortunately the keyboard layout was in Russian, and the username and password I have in English. Therefore, further system I use could not. Я смог установить систему, хотя установщик был не симпатичный, но понятный. После установки мне было предложено ввести логин и пароль, хотя при установке я поставил галочку "входить автоматически без ввода пароля". К сожалению раскладка клавиатуры была на русском языке, а логин и пароль у меня на английском. Поэтому дальше системой я пользоваться не смог.

  • I started with Slackware in 1999. Ive been using Salix for about 3 years. I hate all other distros that aren't Slackware and friends. Salix is an amazing combination of Slackware, simplicity, and automation. I still like to compile my software form time to time; however, I also like the repository system for lazy days. I don't know if you've ever installed mplayer on Slackware 11 or earlier.... hunting down every required package and prerequisite to those prerequisites.... spending the entire night configuring and compiling code... Yeah, aint no one got time for that. So slapt-get is is pretty sweet. One program per task is a very nice way to minimize bloat and reduce the actual distro. Since Salix is so backwards compatible with Slackware, SlackBuilds work flawlessly. As a structured distro, Salix is pretty much identical to how I would setup Slackware through custom install. Xfce is my favorite, I typically only install one program per task anyways... I couldn't ask for a better distro. If you haven't tried Salix,

  • Great distribution. Think of Salix as Slackware with lots of benefits: package dependency checking, great tools for system maintenance, great selection for default applications (but you can install whatever alternatives you want as well), and several other nice things such as multimedia codecs for even exotic formats, all installed with a single click. Nice and easy - without falling into the "Linux for dummies" trap at the same time. Fast and flawless installation; for a typical "desktop user", there is hardly anything you will need to set up yourself. You will get a fully working multimedia desktop out-of-the-box. For advanced users, you can start with a minimal console (or graphical) installation and add additional software via command line or graphical tools (both available for pretty much everything), without worrying about dependencies, as the system takes care of them by default. Last but not least, very friendly community; I had to install uncommon software via Salix repositories, and any questions/remarks I had were addressed by developers in a matter of minutes or a few hours at most. Highly recommended, for Linux veterans and newcomers alike.

  • Excellent !!!!

  • If you want to try Slackware but don't want the "pain" Salix is a very good choice. Nice helpful friendly forum if needed. Not a lot of clutter and works well - can't complain for my needs. Downside - not as easy as say Mint. Running 32bit programs in 64bit system takes some extra work and the program choices aren't as plentiful as say Debian distros. 5/25/14 update - Still using Salix (now 14.1xfce 64bit). Very stable and uneventful (good thing). All 3 computers in the house use Salix and it's the one distro I have heard the least complaints from my wife who uses a laptop. If XFCE isn't your favorite desktop manager KDE and Mate are currently in beta.

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  • Very good Software.

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  • A lot of desktop enviroments to choose, good idea!

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  • Easy to install and use.

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  • Nice product

  • very good project

  • A breath of fresh air, especially after the big distros. Kudos to Slackware and Salix!

  • Hervorragende Arbeit der Entwickler dieser Distribution, die 64er Variante ist Rasend schnell! Die Dokumentationen rund um diese Distribution sind ebenfalls ausgezeichnet.

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  • this is a very cool distro.

  • Works great!