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  • Sahi is quite good testing tool. Sometimes it works with lags, I suppose it is due to a reversed proxy approach. But overall estimate is very useful.

  • awesome

  • Hi, I am using this automation tool for 3 years. All I have to say is its great tool and simple

  • Thanks for good program!

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  • I am a relative newbie to Sahi but I am finding that Sahi is a fantastic way to automate tests and then run them on a variety of browsers including Firefox, Chrome and IE. I am a little reluctant to include IE because it gives me the most problems when dealing with https sites. I haven't tried Sahi on a Mac, but I am confident that it will work there without too much difficulty. FYI. I developed an interesting pattern for moving through our website by having a script per page that "knows" how to recursively include the path it needs to get from any given starting page to itself. This is a work in progress because there are a lot of pages. I will be adding more smarts so that each page script will "know" how to test the page, including link testing and full page screen captures. Suggestions for the last - welcomed,

  • Use Sahi no. If you worked on any other browser automation tool before then you will understand the real power of Sahi. As a TE, i love Sahi a lot. Thanks to Narayan

  • I've created some automates scripts with sahi. Thanks

  • sahi works perfectly.

  • great tool, which is sure to be useful for web developers!

  • very useful program, significantly facilitates the process of web applications testing

  • We use it in our company :) Great tool.

  • Great Tool! Web Automation with dynamic pages was done with simplification. Only file upload was not possible. regards, Rahul

  • i recommend this tool for web automation for RIA and gwt extjs frame work based applications..very simple and no need for x paths and progamming knowledge. thanks narayan , whoever use selenium please come and use sahi.

  • Highly recommended for Web Testing. A complete tool which can work wonders across platforms and browsers.

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