Ryzom Core is a toolkit for the development of massively online universes. It provides the base technologies and a set of development methodologies for the development of both client and server code.


  • 3D engine optimized for MMORPG
  • network engine with client/server and server/server communication
  • full tool suite to create MMORPG
  • full client and server implementation

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User Reviews

  • you download 1 file. ryzom_core_server.vdi. N O idea what to do or HOW to get this working. NOT very user friendly I am new to Linux and getting support for this game is MORE difficult than getting this damned game to even run. Have fun with all that! UNLESS you guys give instructions on how to even F-ing install this "game" i give you guys a 1 star. make some F-ing install notes. NOT all users are as savvy in Linux as most. Really? An Oracle Virtual Disk image?? i tried opening this IN Oracle VM to no avail. Doesn't even recognize the fiel extension. WTF are you people doing? Waste of an hour. IF you want to impress ME, you need documentation. You don't have ANY. just download another game unless you want to try this "misery" . It sounded good. Very very poor on your end guy. I am a tester looking to game to as to Cub Linux for beginning users. You guys didn't make the cut. Show me how a NEW user can install this and .. i might change my mind. As it stands now, NOT too user friendly. yhou all have FUN now!

  • I first discovered this on Ubuntu and am now also getting it for Windows. After playing for 3 hours, I am impressed. This MMO is on a par with most of the free-to-play/commercial MMOs I have tried, and better in some ways. The leveling system is very different from anything else I have seen, so you have to read carefully (and read lot) to know what to do. The lore behind everything is deeper than most, though after 3 hours of play I have yet to see any big difference between the races. Graphics are decent, enough that you don't mind the tiny action buttons because they let you see more of the world. Character models are limited, i.e. relatively small deviation from athletic men and slender women. Costumes are skimpy but less than what you'd see at a public beach. Free players don't get constant reminders that they should subscribe (I'm looking at you, SWTOR). The reason I didn't give 5 stars is the dearth of instructions -- quest instructions are very detailed, but you only get that info once. The wiki has very little, and if there is "how to play" help in the game I haven't found it yet. The game patches with each run, but didn't need the admin password to do so on Ubuntu -- too early to say whether it will for Windows. I will update this review after I spend more time playing, but wanted to get this written because the game deserves to be better known.

  • I really love this MMORPG!

  • The available documentation is full of incorrect, out of order and at times missing steps with no way to help editing the errors unless you're a developer I guess. They offer support via 2 blogs, one of them you have to sign up with a known spammer to be able to post and the other is built around a fancy design of iframes and javascripts that is so bad, it displays 15 characters per line when you try to read it. The project looks interesting but the public side is made for the elite. Those who want to ask even a simple question about an error or an incorrectly documented install step are locked out.

  • I downloaded this game and chose to subscribe because it is the only good looking mmo for Linux that actually has a very funny and helpful community. I still have to get used to the leveling system.. Its so different than other games. Very unique. Excellent creation. It has a lot of potential.

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OpenGL, Project is a 3D engine

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